London District

HQ London District is the main headquarters for all British Army units within the M25 corridor of London. It is responsible for all Regular units, Army Reserve units and cadet attachment (ACF and CCF). It also provides for London's ceremonial events as well as supporting operational deployments overseas.


Ceremonial Events

HQ London District organises the main military Ceremonial Events such as State Visits, Trooping the Colour and Beating Retreat every June at Horse Guards.

Ceremonial duties are an important part of Army history and tradition, and all soldiers undertaking this role are highly trained who also play an important part in military operations worldwide.

Ceremonial events take place throughout the country, and indeed the world, but few are as high profile as those that draw millions of tourists to London year after year.

Ceremonial Events

Experience a part of the Household Cavalry in this musical 360


Household Cavalry prepare for Royal Wedding

UK and International media at Hyde Park Barracks in London to see the Household Cavalry’s preparations for the Royal Wedding.


The Royal Regiment of Scotland passed fit for London public duties

The kilted soldiers of Balaklava Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland passed a rigorous inspection at Wellington Barracks today and will now take on the world famous ceremonial duties in London.

A popular London tourist attraction

Changing of the Guard

Trooping the Colour

The official birthday of the Sovereign is marked each year by a military parade and march-past, known as Trooping the Colour. This takes place each June on Horse Guards Parade in London.

Trooping the Colour