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104 Theatre Sustainment Brigade

Logistic enabling capabilities

104 Theatre Sustainment Brigade is the Army’s theatre logistic enabling formation whose role is to deliver scalable logistic enabling force elements at readiness and is prepared to provide a 1* HQ to act as or in support of the HQ National Support Element / Joint Force Logistic Component for any UK deployment.


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It commands the entire Army’s logistic enabling capabilities ranging from Postal and Courier Services, Movement Control, Port and Maritime (which includes Vehicle Specialist), Operational Hygiene, Mortuary Affairs in addition to providing catering support, fuel storage and distribution, equipment and recovery support and logistic subject matter experts drawn from 2 Operational Support Group.

With these capabilities, the Brigade activates strategic and operational Lines of Communications; mounting and deploying forces that deliver specialist logistic effects in support of joint expeditionary and enduring operations whilst providing robust support for both UK and overseas contingency operations.

The Brigade also operates the Sea Mounting Centre at Marchwood and the Joint Air Mounting Centre at South Cerney; ensuring that the UK end of deployments are fully enabled and effective at all times.

Our units and locations

  • Headquarters

    Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney

  • 5 Force Support Battalion REME

    Tidworth, Wiltshire

  • 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC

    McMullen Barracks, Marchwood

  • 29 Regiment RLC

    Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney

  • 104 Battalion REME

    Army Reserve Centre, Northampton

  • 152 Regiment RLC

    Palace Barracks, Holywood

  • 162 Regiment RLC

    Regimental Headquarters, Nottingham

  • 165 Regiment RLC

    Derriford, Plymouth

  • 167 Catering Support Regiment RLC

    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham

  • 2 Operational Support Group RLC

    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham

104 Theatre Sustainment Brigade - Unit Onboarding

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