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Combat Ready

Combat Ready Training Centre (CRTC)

Who We Are

CRTC prepares soldiers for combat operations. Exercising troops undergo demanding combined arms manoeuvre training. CRTC is made up of two main parts, teams CRTC (UK) and CRTC (Germany) with its headquarters in Westdown Camp, Wiltshire providing command and control.

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Our HQ

CRTC's headquarters is based in the heart of Wiltshire, next to the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA). This is the largest military training area in the UK.

CRTC's orders are to deliver combat-ready validation training to all units across the British Army ensuring they are ready to fight battles on land.

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CRTC Training in the UK

In the UK, CRTC delivers light role and light vehicle Combat Ready training validation. This is mainly for the 1st (UK) Division with some elements of the 3rd (UK) Division too. These exercises routinely include Wessex Storm and others by exception, for example, Exercise Iron Titan.


CRTC Training in Germany

From our base in Paderborn, CRTC delivers all armoured Combat Ready, and Mission Ready training validation. Our primary exercise is Iron Storm for the 3rd (UK) Division. 


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