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Combat Manoeuvre Centre (CMC)

Combined Arms Excellence


The CMC Vision

We are building a flexible, sustainable and compelling centre of excellence for 21st century combined arms manoeuvre which outpaces the threat and generates strategic advantage.


The Combat Manoeuvre Centre provides combat and Combined Arms Manoeuvre (CAM) individual training, from initial training to sub-unit, Battle Group commanders and, in time, formation staff (Brigade and Division staff). 


The Combat Manoeuvre Centre integrates Combined Arms Manoeuvre lessons, doctrine and emerging capabilities into course content delivered by the Combat Manoeuvre Centre and across the Land Warfare Centre. 


The Combat Manoeuvre Centre supports Land Warfare Centre Operations Groups and the wider Field Army through outreach programmes, providing instruction, training and advice. 


The Commander of the Combat Manoeuvre Centre is Commander Field Army’s One-Star (Brigadier level) proponent for Combined Arms Manoeuvre.

The Combat Manoeuvre Centre works closely with Land Warfare Centre’s Operations Groups (primarily the Collective Training Group, the Army Division, and the Experimentation & Trials Group) and alongside Field Army formations. This provides a single, authoritative demand signal for pan Defence Lines of Development improvement. 


Rwxy Firing

The Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment (RACTR)

On completion of Basic Training all Royal Armoured Corps soldiers are posted to the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment at Bovington. Here they will receive trade and technical training specific to the vehicle platforms that their chosen regiment operates.


Armoured Fighting Vehicles Schools Regiment (AFVSR)

The Armoured Fighting Vehicle Schools Regiment at Bovington is Defence’s reference point for Mounted Close Combat individual training including tactical Communications and Information Systems. The Regiment trains soldiers in driving and maintaining Armoured Fighting Vehicles and operating the vehicle’s weapons and communications equipment.

Brecon Soldier Aiming

Infantry Battle School (IBS)

The Infantry Battle School at Brecon delivers trained officers and soldiers to meet the operational requirements of the Infantry, the Army and Defence.

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Combined Arms Manoeuvre School (CAMS)

Comprising of units formerly known as the Specialist Weapons School and the Reconnaissance and Armoured Tactics Division, the Combined Arms Manoeuvre School (CAMS) is based at Warminster and delivers agile and adaptable specialist weapons training to Officers and Soldiers of the Field Army.

Urban 1

Urban Operations Centre

The Urban Operations Centre at Warminster provides a focus within Defence for operations conducted within the urban environment and for urban operations force development.


Land Special Operations Training Centre

The role of the Land Special Operations Training Centre at Pirbright is to prepare soldiers to operate in complex, high threat environments below the threshold of war alongside Partner Forces to deliver operational insights and effects.

Small Arms 1

HQ Small Arms School Corps (SASC)

The Small Arms School Corps advise and instruct Infantry weapon trainers. They are responsible for maintaining the proficiency in the use of small arms, support weapons and range management.


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