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Land Warfare Centre

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The Land Warfare Centre (LWC) trains military personnel throughout their career, prepares them for operations, and leads the way in adapting the Army of today and shaping the Army of tomorrow.


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Headquarters Land Warfare Centre (HQ LWC)

HQ LWC is located in Waterloo Lines, Warminster, Wiltshire. It is led by Director Land Warfare, Major General Chris Barry CBE.

HQ LWC is the two-star headquarters responsible for providing new soldiers with their military trade after Basic Training, training soldiers and young officers throughout their career, the experimentation and trialling of new equipment and concepts, and training the Army for operations and readiness.

HQ LWC also leads on the optimisation and adaptation of the Field Army in order to enable success on operations.

The LWC commands training schools in the UK and Brunei, and training areas in Belize, Canada and Kenya. It conducts military exercises globally alongside our allies and partners.

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Army Aviation Centre

Based at Middle Wallop, 2 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC) consists of two squadrons: 668 (Training) Squadron AAC and 676 Squadron AAC. These squadrons train all Air Corps Phase Two Ground crew trainees and Direct Entry Ground crew officers.

668 (Training) Squadron is responsible for the ground crew training that includes re-arming, refuelling and ground manoeuvres of the Apache attack helicopter.

676 Squadron is responsible for the administration and welfare of the Phase Two trainees at the Army Aviation Centre.

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Land Command Staff College (LCSC)

The LCSC educates, trains and assesses officers in readiness for sub-unit command and staff roles from SO3 to SO1. This develops leadership and the intellectual edge necessary for operational success.

Across five residential courses and 11 virtual courses, LCSC educates and trains more than 3,000 officers every year.

Our courses emphasise: combined arms manoeuvre; a focus on the pacing threat; creative thinking and challenge; urban content; integration of effects from other domains; and a risk-based approach.

We are comprised of an Op Group HQ and three sub-ordinate organisations; the Junior Division (JD), the Intermediate Division (ID) and the Military Knowledge Office (MKO).

LCSC is located at two sites; Shrivenham for the HQ, ID and MKO and Warminster for the JD.




Collective Training Group (CTG)

Collective Training Group is the Field Army’s training delivery arm, providing world-class, challenging, realistic and adversarial training to formations from Corps to Company level.

We occupy a global footprint of Collective Training Establishments, Collective Training Centres, and Command and Staff Training Groups across three continents, from the jungles of Belize to the plains of Kenya. When combined with our Contemporary Operating Environment Force, and enabled by the Headquarters and Land Training Fleet, these training areas are the home of rigorous training challenges against a well-equipped and modern enemy.

Collective Training Group is a transformation and modernisation hub, combining innovative technology with contextualised threat-based analysis to constantly update the training format and validation standards. This training keeps the Field Army effective, lethal, and constantly innovating to meet new threats as and before they emerge. We optimise the Army for today’s fight and transform it for tomorrow’s.

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Combat Manoeuvre Centre (CMC)

The Combat Manoeuvre Centre is a new one-star formation within the Land Warfare Centre (LWC).

Its purpose is to develop the Army’s combined arms manoeuvre proficiency, building on best practice and learning from Ukraine.

The CMC provides individual initial and subsequent, combat and combined arms training. It supports Army combined arms training and is the Army’s advocate for combined arms manoeuvre.


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Defence College of Support (DCSp)

DCSp is a Tri-Service training deliverer which specialises in Supply, Distribution, Driving, Catering, Policing & Guarding and Personnel Administration. The DCSp's headquarters is at Worthy Down, Winchester. 

The DCSp is an Operations Group within the Land Warfare Centre, which in turn sits under Commander Field Army.

The DCSp delivers Initial Trade Training (ITT) and Subsequent Trade Training (STT) for all three services: Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

DCSp also delivers training to Royal Fleet Axillary, Civil Servants and International military students. It consists of the Defence School of Logistics and Administration at Worthy Down, Defence School of Policing and Guarding at Southwick Park and the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield.

It delivers training for some 22,000 students across 460-course types to UK and International Armed Forces.

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Experimentation and Trials Group

The Experimentation and Trials Group (ETG) is a Future Soldier organisation which coheres all experimentation and trials activity across the Army. It is part of the Land Warfare Centre, located in Warminster.

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The Royal School of Artillery (RSA)

The Royal School of Artillery is the principal training establishment for artillery warfare in the British Army. Established in 1915, it is located at Larkhill, Wiltshire, on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain in the UK. 

The RSA is the primary training facility for Royal Artillery trainees. It supports Defence outputs by providing first-class training delivered by motivated and technically focused instructors.

In an environment optimised for learning; trainees develop technical competence to support the delivery of key capabilities. RSA-delivered training shapes the Royal Artillery and its influence as part of combined arms operations.

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The Royal School of Military Engineering Group (RSME)

The Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) Group trains people and animals to be better than our adversaries, supporting British Army and Defence outputs.

This training is wide ranging, including combat engineering and artisan trades, technical engineering up to Chartered engineer standard, ammunition experts, bomb disposal operators and search teams, military working dogs and horses, their handlers and riders and veterinary technicians, musicians and band masters and counter-chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare experts. The RSME Group also provides leadership and command training for all ranks.

Headquarters RSME Group, located at Brompton Barracks, Chatham, provides the policy and strategic direction to eight training units.

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