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The Army Special Operations Brigade


The Army Special Operations Brigade role is to operate in complex, high threat environments below the threshold of war alongside specialised Partner Forces to deliver operational insights and effects. The Army Special Operations Brigade can be authorised to operate at higher risk beyond the remit of conventional forces.



New capability

Four Ranger Battalions and the Joint Counter Terrorist Training and Advisory Team (JCTTAT) will provide the foundation for the Army Special Operations Brigade.

The Ranger Battalions will consist of All Arms Regular and Reserve volunteers who are carefully screened, assessed, selected and then professionally educated and trained prior to deploying on operations.   


Persistently engaged on Operations alongside our Partner Forces overseas

The Ranger Battalions will have a persistent presence across the world, to operate with allies and partners and to tackle adversaries, wherever they pose a threat to the UK and its interests. 

Ranger Battalions and JCTTAT are optimised to operate alongside selected specialised Partner Forces in complex, high threat environments to counter threats posed by Violent Extremist Organisations (VEO).