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Groups within 77th Brigade

Brigade Operations Centre.

The operational hub of 77th Brigade provides planning, coordination and dedicated reach-back support to deployed force elements.

Mission Teams develop and coordinate information operations within their Military Strategic Frameworks, in coordination with Regular and Reserve SMEs drawn from across the 77th Brigade groups.

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5th Information Operations Task Force (5 IOTF)

The highly deployable force elements of 77th Brigade, trained in the delivery of tactical information activities.

Using Planning and Liaison Elements and Tactical PsyOps teams, 5IOTF conducts partnered operations and delivers tactical PsyOps activity.

5 IOTF consists of regular soldiers and officers, tri-service and all-arms, who are trained to use unconventional equipment, processes and techniques to have targeted effects on the UK’s adversaries.

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101st Information Operations Taskforce (101 IOTF)

101 Information Operations Task Force (101 IOTF). A hybrid specialist unit providing stand-off capabilities and delivering operations in conjunction with 5 IOTF or sovereign operations delivered solely at stand-off as part of Information Operations Task Lines.

  • 201 Company. 201 Coy is a specialist-hybrid sub-unit comprising OSINT Collection, Data Innovation, Digital Information Activities. Trained to a high level in web-based communication, security and analysis, with language skills and cultural expertise, the Coy comprises Regular, Reserve, Specialist Reserve and contract personnel.
  • 202 Company. 202 Coy is a specialist-hybrid sub-unit producing high quality video, audio and graphic products to industry standard. Drawing on a breadth of creative skills from both Regulars, Army Reservists and Specialist Reserves, it is a creative agency in uniform. All of this exists within a well-equipped stand-off facility to provide:
    • Strategic Communications planning
    • Narrative Assessment
    • Industry standard Broadcast, Print and Social Media knowledge
    • Artist and Graphic Design Specialists

101 IOTF recruit specialisms from the following broad areas:

  • Photography, Videography & Post-production
  • Journalism & Writing
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Media relations
  • Social media, Digital content & online influence
  • Information Technology/AI
  • Academia & Research (information/mis-information)
  • Media monitoring & analysis
  • Measurement & Evaluation

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6th Military Intelligence Battalion (6MI)

6MI is a hybrid intelligence unit structured to support 77th Brigade, Army Special Operations Brigade and 6th (UK) Division. It provides intelligence support integral to the planning and execution of unconventional and information operations.

It comprises two Regular MI Coys, two Reserve MI Coys, a hybrid/integrated HQ Coy and a Reserve hub to enable the Reserve aspects of the Battalion - geographically spread across Upavon, Hermitage, Bulford, Manchester, Stourbridge, Bletchley and Wyton.

The Battalion’s strength is its people. The common motivation for Reserves joining is to seek an intellectual and physical challenge. We provide the necessary training to enable recruits to become Military Intelligence analysts, with an emphasis on building core Operational Intelligence (OPINT) skills and an understanding of actual and potential theatres of operation. Analysts need to be able to draw information from a wide variety of sources, ranging from open-source material from the news media to highly classified information. They must be able to understand complex situations and then communicate their conclusions to decision makers.

Other capabilities within the Battalion that enhance the support provided include:

  • Audience analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Information environment analysis
  • Targeting
  • Data exploitation
  • Partner force assessment
  • Open-source intelligence
  • Human intelligence
  • Counter intelligence