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77th Brigade

Information Operations

Adapting to warfare in the information age.

Warfare is rapidly evolving and the ability to compete in the information domain is critical. We must develop our capabilities and find novel ways of operating to counter our adversaries.

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Who we are

77th Brigade is a hybrid unit of Regulars and Reservists with specialist skills to combat new forms of warfare in the information environment for the defence of the UK and its overseas territories.

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Some of the ways we help

  • Establish partnerships, operating platforms and systems in order to conduct overseas operations.
  • Understand the information environment and opportunities to gain an advantage within it.
  • Identify, develop and conduct information operations, independently or with partners, to gain advantage against actual or potential adversaries.
  • Conduct audience analysis to deliver the most effective operations in support of military objectives. 
  • Develop capabilities to operate and ensure advantage in the information domain.
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What we do

77th Brigade constrains our hostile state actors and adversaries through information operations and targeting, deployed and at stand off.

Using intelligence to understand audiences and systems, analyse networks and identify intelligence opportunities, the Brigade holds a range of capabilities to deliver effect.

77th Brigade activities are best employed in concert with other military effects to achieve integrated action.

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