Spec Inf

Specialised Infantry Group


Specialised Infantry is a new and exciting capability that will enhance the UK’s ability to work alongside Partner Nation Forces overseas to encourage stability, security and support conflict prevention.


New capability

The Specialised Infantry Group is a game-changing new capability for the Army. It supports the work of 1 (UK) Division and the Regionally Aligned Brigades to build capable Armed Forces and forge critical partnerships which will promote stability and protect the UK.

Specialised Infantry Battalions are trained, structured and equipped to work alongside chosen Partner Forces. They increase the Army’s contribution to countering terrorism and building stability overseas. This supports the UK efforts to project Global influence and deter threats.



Specialised Infantry Battalions are focused on the most important regions for the UK and are made up of 267 rigorously assessed soldiers who will work by, with and through the Partner Force in high threat and austere environments.

Specialised Infantry soldiers and officers are mature, selected volunteers. They prioritise cultural understanding and empathy to enable them to operate successfully alongside Partner Forces. They are expert soldiers and expert instructors.