Groups within 77th Brigade

Information Activity Group

Information Activities (IA) Group provides planning support focusing on the behavioural analysis of actors, audiences and adversaries. It provides detail on motivations, narratives and perceptions and provides options for levers of influence.

  • Operations Centre. A non-deployable, Information and Activity Outreach reach-back and coordination capability, which with suitable augmentation can provide 24/7 support to deployed elements. It provides a hub that conducts planning and analysis, which can draw upon the Brigade’s wider capabilities to support both deployed and UK-based operations and training.
  • Digital Operations (Web Ops) Team. The Web Ops Team collects information and understands audience sentiment in the virtual domain. Within the extant OSINT policy framework, they may engage with audiences in order to influence perceptions to support operational outcomes.
  • Content Team. The Content Team design and create video, audio, print and digital products that aim to influence behaviours for both an Army and external audience. Additionally, they advise on campaign strategy and propose innovative behavioural change methods.
  • Analysis Team. The Analysis Team, consisting primarily of tri-Service intelligence specialists, supports the Web Ops and Content Teams by conducting Target Audience Analysis (TAA) to allow focused audience engagement.

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Task Group

The Task Group provides the deployable framework to deliver Information Activity and Outreach (IA&O) either independently, or in support of a composite force package.

  • Division IA&O Cell. Divisional level the IA&O Cell has staff embedded to ensure IA&O is considered throughout the planning, refinement and execution of operations and in accordance with Integrated Action. 
  • Brigade IA&O Cell.  This supports the Brigade’s planning and execution ensuring IA&O is properly integrated into the conduct of operations. 
  • IA&O Teams.  IA&O teams operate at the battle group/unit level, but can also operate independently or with elements of specialised Infantry Battalions. 
  • Information Warfare Team (IWT).  Providing the Information Activity component of the IA&O Team, an IWT provides an Information Warfare capability to the Field Army and wider Defence.
  • Tactical Engagement Team (TET).  Providing the Outreach component. The TET can support the manoeuvre commander through: directed and casual local engagement; collection and analysis of the human terrain, contributing to Monitoring,  Evaluation and Learning, tactical Civil-Military Co-operation, including identification of opportunities for long term institutional development and reform.
  • IA Training and Advisory Team (TAT).  Currently a nascent capability undergoing development, the IA TAT is intended to develop and train an organic IA capability at unit level across the Army.

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Outreach Group

We deliver professionalised Security Capacity Building (SCB) expertise. 

We support wider MOD and Cross-HMG objectives with linkages to infrastructure and the military contribution of support to Governance in the context of a host nation’s security framework. 

Our remit is to support the development of institutional capability and capacity of foreign security forces and their supporting institutions. 

Personnel from the Outreach Group provide support to Defence Attaches and host nation upstream as a preventative lever. They augment the Tactical Engagement Teams in the Task Group to provide subject matter expertise and provide support post-conflict through early recovery, stability operations and longer-term institutional develop. 

Our team members are permanently embedded within the Operations Centre to inform the planning of future and current operations.

We provide advice, training and support on Human Security to the wider Army. Human Security is an approach that gives primacy to people and their complex social and economic interactions rather than focusing on the security of the state. This includes

  • Women, Peace and Security (WPS)
  • Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC)
  • Protection of Civilians (POC)
  • Modern Slavery Human Trafficking (MSHT) into military activity

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Support Group

We are mainly Army Reservists with collect content capability and can deploy Combat Camera Teams (CCTs) and Communications Operations Officers to support Defence Strategy Communications and operational support.

We are able to support various operations, projects and functions with media related expertise.

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Journalists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Media minders
  • Social media specialists
  • Digital Content specialists

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The Staff Corps

The Staff Corps consists of around 100 Group B reservist officers who operate at predominantly chief executive, director, and senior technical or operation manager level in large commercial enterprises or organisations.  Currently the Staff Corps is made up of two distinct groupings: the General Staff Corps (GSC) and the Engineer & Logistic Staff Corps (ELSC).

A ‘Group B’ Officer organisation, the ELSC was originally formed following the Napoleonic wars.  Charles Manby, Hon Sec of the Institution of Civil Engineers, proposed the formation of a “Volunteer Engineering Staff Corps for the Arrangement of Transport of Troops and Stores, the Construction of defensive works and the destruction of other works in case of Invasion”.  Thus, on 4th January 1865, the Queen accepted the services of the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps.

In 2015, the ELSC was subordinated to 77th Brigade; since then the Staff Corps cohort has grown considerably and now boasts not only specialists in Engineering and Logistics, but also in the following areas: Technical Communications, Corporate, Stratcoms, Advertising, Marketing, Digital Commerce, Banking and Academia among others.

Group B officers provide strategic level consultancy to a variety of areas within Defence and Government.