77th Brigade

How to apply


Regular Officer or Soldier

We have a wide range of interesting and different roles including various operational deployment opportunities for all ranks from Private to Lieutenant Colonel. Regular Officers and Soldiers must attended a Brigade visitors’ day prior to applying for roles through their posting preference proforma. Some particular posts are also subject to a suitability assessment. Email the 77th Brigade Recruiting Team for further details on visitors’ days and assessments.

Current Reservists

Your employment is based on your current skills and knowledge. Please send in your CV and the completed application form. If you pass the CV sift we will call you forward for an assessment day. This includes Regular Officers and Soldiers planning to leave full time service and become a Reservist.


If you aspire to join the Brigade, you will need to become an Army Reservist where you will have all the advantages of service in the British Army but you will also be subject to military law and its restrictions.

If you would like to serve as an Army Reservist within 77th Brigade, send us your CV and a completed application form, which will enter our sift selection process. If you pass the sift selection, we will invite you to an assessment day at which point you must register an online application with the Army National Recruiting Centre here.


  • Influencer - An individual whose expertise is in activities that contribute to the changing or maintaining of another’s attitudes and/or behaviours.
  • Civil Affairs - An individual who can provide an effective link and enhance the relationship between military forces and civilian authorities.
  • Media - An individual whose expertise is in the design, production, or delivery of a message, story or imagery.
  • Capacity Builder - An individual with a skill set in development of Government programmes, organisation structures and outputs to aid improvement and growth.
  • Generalists - An individual with a broad background in marketing, advertising, media production, civil affairs and stabilisation activity
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Content (Digital, print and audio) creatives
  • Journalists
  • Historians and research experts
  • Digital content experts
  • Social media experts

Our Assessment

Regular Officers and Soldiers must simply submit their Posting Preference Proforma to the Army Personnel Centre (APC) Glasgow through their normal Chain of Command. Applicants will be boarded by the APC prior to issuing an Assignment Order.

For current Reservists and Civilians we run a series of briefing and assessments days. 

The assessments allow us to tell potential applicants what we are looking for and select suitable individuals who may have skills the Brigade needs to operate in the future.

How we select

For current Reservists and civilian applicants we use the following approach:

  • Briefings on the background and future role of the Brigade
  • Can the individual cope with uncertainty?
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem solving
  • Study of individuals approach to problems with unorthodox solutions
  • Ability to deal with complex situations and scenarios
  • Opportunity to offer a personalised view of what they can bring to the Brigade
  • Interviews

Before attendance at an assessment you will be sent a briefing pack which will include pre-work to complete.

After Assessment

Following completion of the assessment for current Reservists and civilians we will notify you of the result.

This does not automatically select you for a place in the Brigade. This is done via the normal applications to join the Army or if already serving via the selection board processes.

Reservists may be offered roles in the Brigade on an E2 assignment away their from parent unit.

Civilians will either be encouraged to apply to join the Army as a Reservist or Specialist Reservist. Specialist Reservists are restricted to employment only in 77th Brigade and not the wider Army.

For Regular Officers and Soldiers this section is no longer relevant please apply via RCMO and APC routes.


Get in touch

If you would like to apply to join us please get in touch by email.

General media enquiries (for journalists only) should be directed to the MOD’s 24-hour Press Office number 0207 218 7907.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your options further.

EMAIL: [email protected]k
ADDRESS: Denison Barracks, Hermitage, RG18 9TP


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