Cutting-Edge Capabilities

6th (United Kingdom) DIVISION

Headquarters 6 (UK) Division

6th (United Kingdom) Division prepares and generates the Army’s Information Manoeuvre and Unconventional Warfare forces for both constant competition and warfighting, as well as routinely conducting operations below the threshold of armed conflict in the virtual and physical dimensions.


Scalable, integrated capability

From its Headquarters in Wiltshire, the Division brings together a number of specialists with the skills required to help prepare and deliver operations at home and abroad.

HQ 6 (UK) Div provides the British Army’s Asymmetric edge.  It orchestrates intelligence, counter-intelligence, cyber, electronic warfare, information operations and unconventional warfare.

HQ 6 (UK) Div has a structure of four specialist brigades that deliver unique capabilities that have benefit for the Army, for Defence and the wider Government.