Cutting-Edge Capabilities

6th (United Kingdom) Division

Headquarters 6 (UK) Division

6th (United Kingdom) Division prepares and generates forces assured for Army Special Operations and Unconventional Warfare.  It also enables other Field Army Formations, Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and the Strategic Joint Force Headquarters to achieve Information Advantage and a disruptive edge.


Scalable, integrated capability

6th (United Kingdom) Division brings together a number of specialists with the skills required to help develop and deliver operations at home and abroad. It provides the British Army's asymmetric edge. It orchestrates intelligence, information and partner operations and conducts cyber and electronic warfare activities.


6th (United Kingdom) Division commands and coheres the effects of the Army Special Operations Brigade, with the Ranger Regiment at its heart, and 77th Brigade, an engine for novel information warfare. These specialist formations work alongside Field Army Troops to deliver unique capabilities which benefit the Army, Defence and the wider government.