HQ 1st Artillery Brigade

HQ 1st Artillery Brigade

Headquarters 1st Artillery Brigade commands the majority of the Army’s Close Support Artillery Regiments and provides special-to-arm oversight for the two Very High Readiness regiments in the Air Assault and Commando Brigades.


Brigade Role

The Joint Fires specialists from company to corps, the officers and soldiers of the Brigade are responsible for the artillery provision to warfighting and integrating joint fires through the provision of Targeting, Battlespace Management, and Air Land Integration. The Brigade Headquarters also provides the Joint Fires expertise to 3 (UK) Divisional Headquarters when deployed on exercise and operations.

1st Artillery Brigade is part of 3rd (United Kingdom) Division which is the United Kingdom’s strategic land warfare asset. 3rd Division stands by to protect the UK, its people and project our influence as a world-class Army.






Brigade Units

  • 1 Royal Horse Artillery
  • 3 Royal Horse Artillery
  • 4 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 5 Regiment Royal Artillery 
  • 19 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 26 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 101 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 103 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 104 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 105 Regiment Royal Artillery
  • NRHQ Royal Artillery

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