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3rd (United Kingdom) Division

7th Signal Group

One Group - agile, relevant, ready, and totally professional

A professional team with mentally and physically resilient people, well trained, reliable, proud, adaptable, agile, and willing. Ready always and empowered to deliver high quality outputs to maximise tempo and provide decision advantage across all domains for the Warfighting Division to operate in any environment with partners and allies now and better in the future.


Group Role

Headquarters 7th Signal Group, located in Bulford, has 3 regular Army signal regiments and 1 Army reserve signal regiment comprising of Royal Signals, Queen's Ghurka Signals, and supporting arms officers and soldiers.

The Group's role is to provide administrative and technical support for personnel within the group, whilst also providing the Communication Information System (CIS) platforms and infrastructure for the deployed HQ 3rd (United Kingdom) Division and it's subordinate formations.

Our regular units, 1st Signal Regiment, 3rd (United Kingdom) Division Signal Regiment, and 15th Signal Regiment, are all located within Wiltshire. Our reserve unit, 71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment, has squadrons centralised around London.


15th and 1st Signal Regiment:

Located on Swinton Barracks, Perham Down, both 1st and 15th Signal Regiment provide critical communications equipment and support to 12 and 20 Armoured Brigade Combat Team. Using the FV 432 Bulldog Armoured Vehicle, they can deploy the Brigade Commander’s Headquarters with secure communications anywhere on the battlefield.

3rd (UK) Division Signal Regiment:

Located on Kiwi Barracks, Bulford, 3rd (UK) Division Signal Regiment commands, trains and delivers Signallers providing critical communications equipment and support to the UK's Warfighting Division Headquarters. 

71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment:

71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment provide communications systems and support as part of its operational capability. The Regiment also deploys officers and soldiers on overseas operations, and provides homeland technical support to the government in times of national crisis.

7th Signal Group Units

  • 3rd (UK) Division Signal Regiment

    3rd (UK) Division Signal Regiment Bulford Barracks Wiltshire

  • 1st Signal Regiment

    1st Signal Regiment Swinton Barracks Perham down

  • 15th Signal Regiment

    15th Signal Regiment Swinton Barracks Perham down

  • 71st Yeomanry Signal Regiment (Reserve)

    71 Yeomanry Signal Regiment (Reserve) Bexleyheath, Kent, Lincoln’s Inn, Whipps Cross, Chelmsford, Uxbridge and Southfields.

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