1st Military Police Brigade

Military Policing support for the Army

1st Military Police Brigade (1 MP Bde) provides Military Policing support for the Army. The Brigade is commanded by The Provost Marshal (Army), but due to the requirement for investigative independence, the Brigade sits under the Tactical Command of 1st (UK) Division. 


About the Brigade

Provost Marshal (Army) & 1 MP Brigade form the Provost Branch of the Adjutant General's Corps. We are made up of 3 distinct organisations, the Royal Military Police (RMP), the Military Provost Staff (MPS) and the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS). Each organisation has its own cap badge, history, identity and specific roles and responsibilities.

Our branch comprises of almost 4300 Regular and Reserve Personnel, working alongside other Army units wherever the Army is based.


We provide military policing support to the Army in two key ways - Policing the Force, and providing Police Support to the Force.

Provost Marshal (Army) provide the Policing the Force element, which includes activities concerned with investigations, custodial matters and security here in the UK. This is supported by our RMP Units, our specialist organisations (Special Investigations Branch and Specialist Operations Regiment), as well as the MPS for custodial matters and the MPGS for establishment security.

1 MP Brigade provide Police Support to the Force at an operational level, usually overseas, and includes operational detention, support to security and stability policing. This is again supported by the RMP and MPS. The Brigade sits under the tactical command of 3 (UK) Div.

Headquarters location

  • Headquarters

    Marlborough Lines, Andover, Hampshire


RMP Close Protection Teams on show for NATO

The Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit has hosted the NATO Military Police Close Protection Conference at its base, Longmoor Training Camp in Hampshire over the last couple of days.

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