Adaptable Force Brigade

11th Infantry Brigade & HQ South East

Delivering operational effect

11th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters South East is one of the Army’s 6 Adaptable Force Brigades under command of 1st (United Kingdom) Division and is the Army regional point of contact for the 8 counties of the South East of England.


It is part of the Army’s 'Adaptable Force' meaning it has units under its command delivering operational effect and regional responsibilities across the South East of England.

The brigade has four regular battalions and two reserve battalions under its command, as well as responsibility for British Forces Brunei. It covers one of the most complex and densely populated regions in the UK comprising some 28,000 military personnel gathered across 35 garrisons and stations.

It also directly commands over 13,000 cadets.

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The headquarters is based at Roebuck House in Aldershot.