First In, First Choice, First Solution

1st (UK) Division


The First Division is the British Army’s most versatile force – light, agile, lethal and expeditionary. Active and effective at home and overseas. Trusted by defence and the nation as a multi-talented workforce with unique capabilities.

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Our role

First In:  The First Division is the United Kingdom’s persistently engaged force, working with our partners throughout the world through our global hubs.

First Choice: The First Division is the United Kingdom’s and our Coalition Allies partner of choice – made up of a diverse and capable workforce, containing the Armies most specialist skills.

First Solution:  The First Division is constantly ready – we ensure and enable the United Kingdom’s ‘Theatre Entry’ capability and directly contributes to the international coalition providing increased global security.






  1. 1809

    Raised to fight in the Peninsula Wars

  2. 1800s

    Waterloo, Crimea, Zulu wars, Boer War

  3. 1914-18

    WW1 (France and the Western Front)

  4. 1939-45

    WW2 (Dunkirk, North Africa, Italy, France, Germany)

  5. 1991

    Op GRANBY – the Gulf War

  6. 2015

    Relocated from Germany to UK (York)


  • Division Headquarters

    Imphal Barracks, York

  • 1 Military Police Brigade

    Marlborough Lines, Andover, Hampshire

  • 2nd Medical Brigade

    Headquarters, Strensall, North Yorkshire

  • HQ 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East

    Peronne Lines, Catterick Garrison

  • HQ 7th Infantry Brigade and HQ East

    Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell

  • HQ 8 Engineer Brigade

    Gibraltar Barracks, Minley, Hampshire

  • 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade

    Taurus House, Aldershot

  • HQ 102 Operational Sustainment Brigade

    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham

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