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1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team


1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team (BCT) harnesses the speed, reach and lethality of Combat Aviation to seize, retain and exploit the initiative to gain and maintain a position of relative advantage. 

About 1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team

Facts and Figures



1 April 2020







Who We Are

We provide the Army with deployable and scalable aviation Command and Control at readiness:

Deliver combat aviation forces for assigned operations, Defence Activity other than Operations and sub-threshold competition
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Provide scalable and agile multi-domain Command and Control capable of integrating with both National and Allied formations at Divisional, Corps and Joint Force level
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Generate, project and sustain forces for directed readiness

Major Global Activity


  • Ex Spring Storm, Ex Hedgehog - Estonia
  • Op Peleda, Ex Iron Wolf, Ex Sabre Strike- Lithuania
  • Ex Clockwork, Ex JEF Warrior - Norway
  • Ex Swift Response - North Macedonia
  • Ex Cerberus - Land Regional Hub (LRH)(Germany)
  • Ex Khanjar Oman - LRH (Oman)
  • Ex Warfighter - Texas, USA
  • Ex Chameleon - UK & Sweden
  • Ex Cobra Warrior - UK
  • Ex Orthrus- UK
  • Ex Wessex Storm - Salisbury Plain, UK
  • Ex Pegasus Amarante - UK/LRH (Germany)

Brigade Support Group

The Brigade Support Group (BSG) delivers second-line Combat Service Support to 1 Avn BCT. 7 Aviation Support Battalion REME will form the nucleus of the BSG, integrating regular Equipment Support capabilities with reserve logistic, medical and tri-service specialist capabilities.

  • Reach: The BSG is able to support the BCT from sea or air to first-line on land. 
  • Size: The BSG can be scaled to be appropriate to the deployment; it can be up to 800 personnel, occupying an area of up to 6km².
  • Key Strengths:
    • Specialist knowledge of aviation Combat Service Support
    • Assurance required in materiel supply
    • Supply of bulk ammunition and fuel demanded by the BCT
    • Stability required for equipment support


  1. 1 April 2020

    1 Aviation Brigade Formed

  2. 1 April 2021

    Initial Operating Capability (IOC)

    • At the minimum level at which the capability is usefully deployable.
  3. 1 October 2022

    1st Aviation Brigade re-designated to 1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team

    • The Brigade Combat Team will integrate specialist capabilities more routinely at lower level than previously, creating self-sufficient tactical units more capable of working with partners across government, allies and industry.
  4. 1 April 2023

    Full Operating Capability (FOC)

    • Following Headquarters validation on Ex Cerberus 22.
    • Attained all units in force structure, as per Future Soldier Structure.
    • The ability to employ & maintain all aspects.

Our Locations

  • 1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team HQ

    Middle Wallop

  • 1 Regiment AAC

    RNAS Yeovilton

  • 3 Regiment AAC

    Wattisham Flying Station

  • 4 Regiment AAC

    Wattisham Flying Station

  • 5 Regiment AAC


  • 6 Regiment AAC


    Headquarters - Bury St Edmunds

  • 7 Aviation Sp Bn REME

    Wattisham Flying Station

Our Aircraft

Apache Attack Helicopter

Elite Fleet The Apache attack helicopter can operate in all weathers, day or night and detect, classify and prioritise up to 256 potential targets in a matter of seconds.


Wildcat Mk1

Role Range of tasks include on the battlefield including reconnaissance, command and control, transportation of troops and material, and the provision of force protection



British Army Wildcat helicopters arrive in Lithuania

British Army Wildcat Reconnaissance Helicopters operated by 659 Sqn, 1 Regiment Army Air Corps have begun their 2-month deployment, arriving at Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania.


Middle Wallop’s trainee Army Pilots climb aboard the AH-64E

The home of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop, is now operating the Army's latest addition to its aircraft inventory, the awe inspiring Apache AH-64E