63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron

63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron

63 (UKSF) Sig Sqn’s role is to provide appropriately trained Army Reserve personnel to support the United Kingdom Special Forces on military exercises and operations. Its personnel are trained to operate communication systems beyond the range and capability of conventional forces.

All of its personnel require communications, field craft and mobility skills to work within small teams or in isolation. High calibre people who can commit to the considerable training demands of this challenging, highly motivated and close-knit unit will be rewarded with a fulfilling role.




1st April 1967



Specialist communications



Operate Command and Control systems

Our Skills

63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron is open to both males and females that are robust, intelligent and possess physical stamina to operate in demanding and hostile environments. As an Special Forces Communicator (Reserve) you are taught to use numerous communication systems, weapons and insertion techniques.

In addition to the Special Forces Communicator (SFC) qualification, we are also recruiting:

  • Royal Signals Communication Operators (Generalist)
  • Adjutant General’s Corp (AGC) (SPS) Clerks
  • Royal Logistic Corp (RLC) Chefs
  • Royal Army Medical Corp (RAMC) Medics

Our People

Soldier A is a Police Officer and is awarded an extra two weeks paid leave (annually) to complete SF trade courses.
Soldier B works for Government services and is also awarded two additional weeks paid leave by his employer to attend overseas UKSF exercises, whilst also receiving a daily wage from the reserves.
Soldier C is a University student and uses much of her free time to attend training events, she also takes advantage of the pay and various bonuses associated with an Army Reserve recruit.


For more information on how to join the SAS (Reserve):

63 (UKSF) Signal Squadron