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Small Arms School Corps Weapons Collection

Unveiling a Tapestry of Military History and Innovation

The Collection

The Weapons Collection at Warminster stands as a testament to the rich military history and technological advancements that have shaped military forces over the centuries. Housed within a meticulously curated gallery, this extensive collection offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of weaponry.

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Visitors to the collection marvel at the elegance of finely crafted muskets from the Napoleonic era, the robustness of World War I machine guns, and the cutting-edge sophistication of modern assault rifles. These weapons not only embody the technological progress but also highlight the challenges faced by soldiers on the battlefield.

The assortment of arms spans 500 hundred years, showcasing a diverse array of World firearms, anti-tank and mortar pieces and more. Each exhibit holds its own story, reflecting the ingenuity and adaptability of British soldiers throughout history.

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Beyond firearms, the collection also hosts an evolution of bayonets associated with the weapons on display. 

Additionally, the collection showcases the development of anti-armour and mortar weapons. These stand a reminders of the immense firepower employed in warfare by the soldier from the pistol to anti-tank guns, these pieces reveal the constant race to gain an edge on the battlefield.

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The weapons Collection serves as an educational resource with a 'hands-on experience', telling visitors about the significance of each weapon and the context in which it was used. It offers a unique opportunity to delve into the military heritage of the British Army, honouring the sacrifices made by generations of soldiers who relied on these weapons to defend their country and preserve peace.

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The Collection is aimed very much at specialists in weaponry, other militaries, researchers and military historians. Access is by prior appointment only. If you are interested in visiting the Collection please contact us in one of the ways described below.


Visiting the Collection - Access is by prior appointment only.

The Small Arms School Corps Weapons Collection

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