Royal Corps of Signals

22 Signal Regiment

22 Signal Regiment

22 Signal Regiment delivers at readiness, Information Communication Services to HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), and other deployed ARRC Group force elements.  This is in order to support programmed and contingent national, coalition, and NATO exercises and operations. 

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217 Signal Squadron

217 Signal Squadron’s mission is to provide ARRC Initial Command Element at 10 days Notice to Move (NTM).  They also provide small Operational Light Reconnaissance Teams (OLRTs) able to deploy around the world at very short notice and provide secure communications. 

This Squadron is focussed on rapid deployment ensuring reliable, secure ICS support to the ARRC and other force elements. 

222 Signal Squadron

222 Signal Squadron provide ARRC Main HQ.  This is the largest Headquarters that the British Army deploys and supports all large NATO exercises worldwide, most recently in the Baltic States.

The deployment of ARRC Main HQ requires an extraordinary effort in terms of manpower and equipment.  The lines of communication to ARRC Main are critical in enabling NATO exercises and operations and this responsibility lies with 222 Squadron. 

252 Signal Squadron

252 provide direct close support to ARRC HQ in all matters. They are responsible for the delivery of a Falcon Anchor Point to enable strategic reach back communications both across the area of operations and globally. 

252 Signal Squadron is the home of enhanced technical expertise in order to support its sister squadrons and this is achieved by the Information Security Operations Centre (ISOC)


22 Signal Regiment is located in Stafford along with 16 Signal Regiment and 1 Signal Regiment. 

This is the largest concentration of Royal Signals soldiers in one location and ensures a close knit professional community.  The camp has good transport links to London and the rest of the UK. 


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