Royal Corps of Signals

2 Signal Regiment

2 Signal Regiment

Based in the heart of York and comprised of three Squadrons, 2 Signal Regiment currently provides essential communication support to 4th and 7th Light Brigades.  Looking forward, the Regiment will re-role to support the Army’s new STRIKE Brigade. 

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Our Skills

2 Signal Regiment enjoys a diverse and exciting role supporting operationally focused HQ.  They employ the complete range of the Corps’ capabilities in order to provide that support. Their capabilities include:

  • Cyber Engineer
  • Information Services Engineer
  • Networks Engineer
  • Supply Chain Operative
  • Power Engineer


The regiment can trace its history back to 2nd Company, The Telegraph Battalion, Royal Engineers. In 1907, it became the Divisional Telegraph Company of the 2nd Infantry Division. From that time until 2010, the Regiment was the Divisional Signal Regiment. From the mid-1980s, the 2nd Infantry Division was the only division stationed in the United Kingdom, specifically York where it remains to this day

After the end of the Cold War the Regiment became a support Signals Regiment within the 11th Signal Brigade.

For some years, the Regiment has included a Gurkha sub-unit, 246 (Gurkha) Signal Squadron. Because of the Regiment's strong link with the Gurkhas the Regiment was awarded the Firmin Sword of Peace in 2017.


Race the Sun

Race the Sun is an annual event ran by 2nd Signal Regiment on behalf of the Royal Corps of Signals.

The event is a multi-activity competition that draws 30 teams from across the Corps (both regular and reserve) who compete across a multitude of events culminating in a stretcher race.

The route follows some of the finest scenery that North Yorkshire has to offer and is the ideal environment for many of the Corps’ finest athletes to test their physical and mental stamina.


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