The Royal Logistic Corps

44 Support Squadron RLC

44 Support Squadron Royal Logistic Corps is a sub-unit of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). We deploy all over the world and into Europe, providing logistic support to all officer training activity. 

How we are organised

We are made up of a collection of Cap Badges: 

  • Royal Logistic Corps - driving support to RMAS 
  • Royal Gurkha Signals - signals delivery for RMAS 
  • Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers - Light Aid Detachment for RMAS 
  • Civilian contingent (mostly professional drivers and storeman) - driving support to RMAS 

We all play vital roles in supporting the officer cadet training courses at RMAS and we work closely with other cap badges to execute the complex training program. 

What we do

44 Support Squadron deploys on over 30 exercises in a variety of different roles, including: 

  • Transporting all kit and equipment on exercises around the UK.  
  • Supporting Battle Group level overseas exercises (movement of over 80 vehicles and 200 + personnel) three times a year. 
  • Providing logistical expertise - including the transport of hazardous and dangerous goods. 
  • Supporting medical relief, casualty evacuation and transporting the necessary kit and equipment. 
  • Executing a wide range of individual VIP and general duty driving tasks. 

How we do it

We operate a variety of vehicles to execute our taskings as effectively as possible. These include: 

  • 6 Tonne Support Vehicles 
  • Enhanced Pallet Loading System 
  • Forklift Rough Terrain 
  • Land Rover Battlefield Ambulance 
  • Land Rover Truck Utility Medium 

We also use a variety of white fleet (civilian type 4x4) vehicles to fulfil other support elements.

Who does it

We have a wide range of skills and experience at 44 Support Squadron. This includes Privates, Craftsman and Signallers to Section Commanders, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) and Officers. 

We primarily employ personnel from the Driver trade.

Our varying skills and abilities allow us to deliver all requirements asked of us by RMAS, and to the highest standard.  

Our civilian contingent predominantly provides logistic support by way of coach and minibus tasks, transporting Officer Cadets to their exercise locations across the UK and Europe. 

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Sergeant Foote – Operational Sergeant

I was posted to 44 Support Squadron, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as the Operations Sergeant (Ops Sgt). With the help of my team of two Junior Non-Commissioned Officers, my role is to accept, check and action all movement of wheeled logistics in support of the academy, including work to maintain the vast number of exercises we complete each year. The year here is broken down in to 3 terms; Juniors, Inters and Seniors. Each term is 14 weeks long and during these periods it is non-stop. It is a very busy job being the Ops Sgt as it’s not just the logistics you have to deal with. I also look after the budgetary side of life, write formal appraisals for the soldiers under my command, as well as liaising daily with Colonels and above regarding all matters of road transport. Things are always changing but you learn to keep on top of it and it’s a very rewarding job. Further perks include Adventurous Training opportunities and amazing camp facilities.



Being at 44 Squadron has taught me so much about my trade and tested my abilities - making me the best driver and soldier I can be. I gained my HGV licences at aged 17, advancing shortly after to become a professional RLC driver. I have learned how to drive other vehicle platforms and have gained civilian qualifications along the way, such as PAT testing. I have also been taught how to service and maintain all the vehicles the squadron use. I have deployed on numerous overseas exercises during which I led vehicles in convoy which has noticeably advanced my navigational skills.

However, it’s not all work here at 44 Sqn. We get a lot of downtime with plenty of opportunities for Adventurous Training, such as: skiing, mountain biking, abseiling and kayaking which have allowed us to create and build upon what is now an extremely strong professional team.


44 Support Squadron Equipment

Logistic Support Vehicles

Mobility The SV fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles

Logistic vehicles

Land Rover Battlefield Ambulance

medical facilities It has a capacity for a combination of up to four stretchers or six seated casualties

Logistic vehicles

SA80 Individual Weapon

Tests On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

Small arms and support weapons