Royal Logistic Corps

132 Aviation Supply Squadron

132 Aviation Supply Squadron is based at Wattisham in Suffolk. It is the Army’s only dedicated aviation supply unit. It delivers the provision, control and accounting of aviation equipment support material, to the Army Air Corps. Made up of ten departments it works within, 7 Aviation Close Support Battalion REME.

How we are organised

The Squadron is made up of ten departments:

  • The Logistic Focal Point
  • Stocktaking and Reconciliation
  • Disposals
  • Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant
  • Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants
  • CRB
  • Receipts and Despatch
  • Motor Transport
  • Communications Troop
  • Squadron Headquarters

What we do

The Squadron's main focus is to provide a smooth running logistic supply chain to 7 Bn REME both in the UK or abroad to maintain the capabilities of the 3 and 4 Regiment Army Air Corps' Apache attack helicopters. We get the Apache spare parts forward to where they are required, so the REME can repair these battle winning pieces of equipment. In some instances broken items can also be fixed, so we deal with the reverse supply chain; ensuring key parts are returned to industry for repair and then back onto our shelves to be issued again.

132 Squadron is a highly sought after assignment with many opportunities to travel, play sports and work with a close knit team of dedicated logisticians. Soldiers can make the most of the openings to be deployed worldwide in support of the REME and Army Air Corps. 

How we do it

The Squadron's Logistic Focal Point department is the centre of all the action and the first point of call for EVERYTHING!

It has a team of one Tech Sergeant and multiple other ranks and has many responsibilities. They strive to oversee the maintenance of accounts and the smooth running of daily tasks.

The Stocktaking and Reconciliation deprtment provides assurance to the National Audit Office as to the integrity of the accounts held in our home base of Wattisham and our UK and overseas sattelite locations. The CRB team meticulously checks, files and accounts for all vouchers that come through the Squadron ensuring compliance with NAO policy.

Led by a Royal Signals SSgt, Comms troop provides communications through a variety of means to the REME Battalion when deployed.

Key to the operational outputs of the Squadron is its relationship with its contracted partner, Kuhne and Nagel. The Receipts & Dispatch team of RLC Logistic Specialists and 27 contractors work together to get the spares in from depot and out to the customer.

Squadron members can expect to deploy to most UK training areas, and California, Estonia and even Norway during their time delivering their primary role in their respective trades. 

Who does it

Within 132 Squadron we have a diverse range of cap badges and trades. The RLC trades include:

We also have a Royal Signals RSWO, several HR Clerks from the AGC (SPS) and a number of Civil Servants across our departments.


Sporting opportunities

132 Squadron is always keen to allow soldiers time away from their busy work schedule, to take part in sports they love and are passionate about. These are great chances for our soldiers to represent the Squadron as well as the Corps and the Army.

Army Rugby League - Private Koroibanuve

“During my time as a member of 132 Squadron, I have had many opportunities to take time away from my daily work to play Rugby League for the Army. This allowed me to train with much more experienced players who play at semi-pro level. During my time playing Rugby, I learnt things from the team both on and off the pitch. Not only was this the perfect opportunity for me to take part in a sport I love and am passionate about, it also taught me vital life skills such as discipline and respect for others.”

132 Aviation Supply Squadron

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Mobility The SV fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles

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