The Royal Logistic Corps

Specialist Units

The RLC supporting across Defence by land, sea and air

The Corps has a number of minor units and joint service units that contain a large logistic element.

  • The RLC’s Commando Logistic Support Squadron is part of 3 Commando Brigade’s, Commando Logistic Regiment.
  • Permanent logistic support units in the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Brunei and at the British Army Training Unit Suffield, Canada.
  • The Joint Helicopter Support Unit provides load handling support to the RAF’s Helicopter Force.
  • Logistic support to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps' support Battalion. 
  • 2 Operational Support Group provides specialist personnel to manage labour support and contracts on operations.
  • Independent transport squadrons that support the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and HQ London District.
  • 821 (EOD & Search) Squadron provides support to, Royal Marines, 16 Air Assault Brigade and UK police forces

Global Locations

  • 2 Operational Support Group

    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham NG31 7TQ

  • ARRC Support Battalion

    Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Imjin Barracks, Innsworth Lane, GL3 1HW

  • Joint Logistic Squadron Cyprus

    Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia

  • Joint Helicopter Support Squadron

    RAF Benson, Benson, Wallingford OX10 6AA

  • Commando Logistic Regiment Logistic Support Squadron

    RM Barracks, Chivenor, Barnstaple, North Devon, EX31 4AZ

  • 105 Logistic Support Squadron BATUS

    British Army Training Suffield, Township Rd 153A, Ralston, AB T0J 2N0, Canada

  • 383 Commando Petroleum Troop

    258 Brest Rd, Plymouth PL6 5EW

  • Logistic Support Troop BFB

    British Forces Brunei Garrison

  • Logistic Support Squadron BFSAI

    British Forces South Atlantic Islands, Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands, FlQQ 1ZZ