Royal Logistic Corps

165 Port and Maritime Regiment


Our Role

We train as Port Operators in order to load and unload ships of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary that carry stores and equipment for British Forces on operations overseas. We specialise in unloading ships and getting stores ashore where no established port exists.

We also train as Seaman and Marine Engineers in order to pilot and maintain our fleet of inshore vessels such as Landing Ships (Logistics) and Mexeflote powered rafts. We work alongside our Regular counterparts 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC.

We employ Vehicle Specialists with a full spectrum of licences to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles in transit and Operational Hygiene Specialists to deliver essential showering and laundry services to units - in particular hospitals - in the field and on operations around the world.


Our Squadrons

  • 142 (Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars) Vehicle Squadron RLC - Banbury¬†
  • 232 (Cornwall) Port Squadron RLC - Bodmin¬†
  • 264 (Plymouth) Headquarters Squadron RLC - Plymouth (Derriford Army Reserve Centre)
  • 265 (Devon) Port Squadron RLC - Plymouth (Derriford Army Reserve Centre)
  • 266 (Southampton) Port Squadron RLC - Southampton (Blighmont Army Reserve Centre)
  • 710 (Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars) Operational Hygiene Squadron - Aylesbury
  • 165 Port and Maritime Regiment Headquarters

    Derriford Army Reserve Centre, PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL6 5EW

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Regimental Headquarters 165 Port and Maritime Regt RLC