Royal Logistic Corps

162 Regiment

Postal and Courier, and Movement Control

162 Regiment RLC combines the dual role of providing Postal and Courier, and Movement Control capability in support of our paired Regular counterparts in 29 Regiment RLC and sits within 104 Logistic and Support Brigade.


What do Movement Controllers do?

As a movement Controller you will be responsible for the efficient movement of personnel, equipment and supplies by air, rail, road or sea. Ensuring that everybody and everything arrives at the right place, at the right time and in the right condition.

You could find yourself working at an airport enplaning personnel, a railhead assisting with the loading of vehicles and equipment onto railway carriages. Also you might find yourself employed at a port assisting with the deployment or recovery of vehicles and equipment’s, or in a Headquarters involved in complex planning.

Wherever the Armed Forces serve or are deployed, on training exercises or operations Movement Controllers will always be required, “Nothing moves without us”.


What do Postal and Courier Operators do?

As a Postal and Courier Operator you will be responsible for the provision of the full range of postal facilities and the movement of Armed Forces mail during peace and times of conflict. Providing the all-important morale component to service personnel and thereby undertaking a key role in support to the Armed Forces.

In addition to providing postal support, Postal and Courier Operators are responsible for the movement of the nation’s military secrets as well as assisting other governmental bodies, when documentation or equipment needs to be hand delivered by whatever means, it’s up to you to get it there.

104 Logistic Support Brigade - Unit Onboarding

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The Regiment is geographically diverse with its RHQ, 279 (HQ) Sqn and 281 MC Sqn based in Nottingham, 280 MC Sqn at Swindon, 871 PC Sqn in Marlow, 282 MC Sqn in Coulby Newham and 883 PC Sqn in Hartlepool.