Royal Logistic Corps

3 Regiment RLC

3 Regiment RLC is based at Abingdon, near Oxford. The unit regularly deploys around the world on operations and exercises in direct support of 3 (UK) Division and provides close logistic support to 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade.

How we are organised

The Regiment is made up of the following Squadrons:

  • 21 General Support Squadron consists mainly of Logistic Specialists Supply, providing supply chain management and control
  • 31 Close Support Squadron consists mainly of drivers of logistic support vehicles and fuel tankers
  • 32 Close Support Squadron consists mainly of drivers of logistic support vehicles and fuel tankers
  • 35 Headquarters Squadron provides communication, catering and administrative functions to the Regiment
  • REME Light Aid Detachment (LAD). Its tradespeople provide equipment support to the Regiment for the vehicle fleet.

In the event of mobilisation, the Regiment is aligned with 151 Regiment RLC.

What we do

The British Army has the ability to deploy anywhere in the world. When a force is deployed it needs to be sustained in order to keep that force fighting, moving forward or simply just operating for long periods of time. The Regiment provides the following functions:

  • Ensuring there is a constant supply of food, water, fuel, ammunition and other general materiel to support combat
  • Ensuring technical equipment and vehicle spare parts are held and efficiently distributed in order to maximise fighting effectiveness
  • Obtaining an understanding of our holdings as well as the forward and rearward flow of both materiel and combat supplies, ensuring fighting units’ needs are met.

How we do it

The Regiment operates a wide range of Logistic Vehicles. These include:

  • MAN Enhanced Palletised Loading System  (EPLS)
  • MAN Logistic Support Vehicles (Man SV) 6, 9 and 15-tonne variants
  • MAN Unit Support Tankers (UST) and Close Support Tankers (CST)
  • Mastiff - Protective Patrol Vehicles
  • Ridgeback – Protective Patrol Vehicle (Command Variant)
  • Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH)
  • Rough terrain forklift
  • Land Rover

who does it

The Regiment employs various trades from across the RLC. Within 3 Regiment our trades include:

The Regiment also has REME Craftsmen, RAMC Medics and AGC (SPS) Military Personnel Administrators.  


Sporting opportunities

3 Regiment has always had a strong reputation for sporting success across the entire Corps. Our soldiers represent the Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, Army and Combined Services.

Currently 3 Regiment are the RLC Basketball Champions and has very strong netball, football and tug of war teams; the latter competing at the Braemar Highland Games. The Regiment also competes in skiing, rugby, boxing, swimming, triathlon, cross-country and athletics.

APOSEA-2020-013-3 RLC WR Promo-Abingdon-RK-031.JPG

Cpl Ramsamy - Logistic Specialist Supply

I transferred to the RLC from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in 2017 as a Logistic Specialist. I wanted to try something different and gain more qualifications. Since joining the Regiment, I have deployed overseas in my role and also as a dismounted soldier.

My day job is to run the Unit Spares Account. I am responsible for demanding all the vehicle spares for our regiment and the other units that we support, when we are on exercise or operations. In 2019, I deployed to Canada on Ex PRAIRIE STORM. Over the four months my role was to support all the Battlegroup vehicles to ensure they had the right spares, in the right place, the right quantity and at the right time. It’s completely different to my previous role in the Cavalry, but I really enjoy it.

APOSEA-2020-013-3 RLC WR Promo-Abingdon-RK-016.JPG

Cpl Coombs - Driver Communications Specialist

I played county level rugby, representing Somerset, before joining the Army as a Driver Communications Specialist in 2013. It looked like an interesting and diverse role, but I also knew the RLC also had great sporting opportunities. As a Communications Specialist, my operational role is to provide secure communications for the Regimental Headquarters. As a Corporal I’m responsible for a section of junior communications specialists, ensuring they are well looked after and trained. The role is busy. Last year, I spent four months in Canada on exercise. However, I still find time to play rugby. I currently play for my local rugby union team, as well as for several military teams. I’ve played Rugby Union and League for my regiment, the Corps and the Army. My ultimate ambition is to break fully into the Army team and play at Twickenham.

Logistic Specialist Supply

3 Regiment RLC equipment


90 kph Mastiff is a heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive patrol vehicle with a top speed of 90 kph.

Protected patrol vehicles


2009 Ridgback first deployed on operations in 2009 and provides protected mobility in urban and urban-fringe environments.

Protected patrol vehicles

Logistic Support Vehicles

Mobility The SV fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles

Logistic vehicles

Close Support Tanker

Armour It has deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and can be fitted with enhanced blast-proof armour for driver and crew protection.

Logistic vehicles


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