Royal Logistic Corps

13 Air Assault Support Regiment

About the Regiment

13 Air Assault Support Regiment’s mission is to generate and command Combat Service Support capability at a graduated Extremely High Readiness & Very High Readiness in order to provide ready forces for: Air Assault Task Force; support to the Army’s and Defence’s wider outputs; in extremis support to a Brigade multi-manoeuvre unit deployment. 

The Regiment is based at Merville Barracks in Colchester, along with 16 Air Assault Brigade and other Air Assault units.

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The Regiment is made up of the following Sqns:

24 Headquarters Squadron RLC – Providing communication, catering and administrative output.
63 Air Assault Support Squadron RLC – Providing 2nd line logistic support to 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment.
82 Air Assault Support Squadron RLC – Providing 2nd line logistic support to 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment.
47 Air Despatch Squadron RLC – Delivers the Army’s only Air Despatch capability. Based at RAF Brize Norton. 
65 Troop – Provides logistic support to Special Forces Support Group.
Light Aid Detachment REME – Provides the repair, recovery and maintenance support to the Regiment.
8 Field Company REME – Offers Equipment Support to 16 Brigade.



Since its formation, 13 Air Assault Support Regiment has deployed on multiple operations in Afghanistan as well as conducting training exercises across Europe and the world. The Regiment takes every opportunity to train with our NATO partners and the Armies and Security Forces of other nations to enhance our interoperability.


Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities

13 Air Assault Support Regiment prides itself on having fit, robust and motivated soldiers. It regularly wins the Army Inter-Unit Boxing Championships as well as consistently delivering strong performances in the RLC Military Skills Competition and Cambrian Patrol.


  • Merville Barracks

    Colchester Essex

  • RAF Brize Norton


Roles in the Regiment: Air Dispatcher