Royal Logistic Corps

17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC

17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC is based at Marchwood, near Southampton. The unit provides the UK Armed Forces' only specialist Port & Maritime, Vehicle Support Specialist, Operational Hygiene, and Mortuary Affairs capabilities, and deploys regularly in support of operations and exercises around the world.

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About the Regiment

The Regiment has two Port Squadrons, a Port Enabling and Headquarters Squadron, and a REME Workshop & Shipyard. It operates a wide variety of vehicles, plant, and vessels, including:

  • Army Work Boats
  • Combat Support Boats
  • MEXEFLOTE rafts

It has a Dive Team responsible for a range of tasks including port clearance and vessel maintenance.

The Regiment is paired with reserve unit, 165 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC and assists in disaster relief around the world.

Our location

  • <a href="">McMullen Barracks</a>

    Marchwood, Southampton

Roles in the Regiment: Mariner

Our equipment

Army Work Boat

Fuel The Army work boat is designed to enable the provision of fuel to a deployed force

Assault boats and landing craft

Combat Support Boat

Role To support both bridging and amphibious operations

Assault boats and landing craft


Capability The Mexeflote is capable of transferring a cargo of vehicles and equipment up to 198 tonnes

Assault boats and landing craft