Royal Logistic Corps

159 Regiment

Army’s supply chain

159 Regiment RLC is an Army Reserve Regiment based in the Midlands. The Regiment’s role is to manage the Army’s supply chain on operations - getting the right kit, to the right people at the right time. To do this, we use modern IT systems to help receive, store and issue everything that the Army needs to live and fight. On operations, this responsibility can be for hundreds of millions of pounds worth of equipment; everything from ammunition, food, weapons to replacement armoured vehicles.


Our Role

Our soldiers undertake training in supply chain operations that is largely identical to their Regular Army counterparts and is often undertaken alongside them. For those that wish to, these courses also provide opportunity to gain a number of transferable civilian qualifications.

As part of the Army’s Adaptable Force, we have a strong ‘soldier first’ ethos. We train and prepare all of our personnel to be able to operate anywhere around the world. This training includes core skills such as shooting, first aid and fitness. We also place great emphasis in developing our leaders; part of our job is to help you reach your full potential.


Our Locations

Our Regiment is based in six locations in the Midlands:

  • Coventry
  • West Bromwich
  • Stoke on Trent
  • Telford
  • Burton on Trent
  • Grantham

We are recruiting for part-time roles in supply specialists, chefs, HR administrators and medics. All roles are open to males and females.

Get in Touch

159 Regiment RLC

If you are interested in a new challenge, personal development or gaining professional qualifications, or if just want to know a little more about what we do, send us an email at the address below, or give us a call.