Royal Logistic Corps

154 Regiment RLC

Scottish Regiment

154 (Scottish) Regiment is the only regiment of the RLC based in Scotland. Its role is to provide general transport support for the British Army.


About the Regiment

154 (Scottish) Regiment  RLC is closely linked with 7 Regiment RLC and provides trained manpower to support them in conducting operations around the world. In recent years it has deployed to Afghanistan and with the United Nations in Cyprus.

The Regiment has the following squadrons:

  • 527 (Dunfermline) Headquarters Squadron
  • 239 (Fife) Transport Squadron
  • 221 (Glasgow) Transport Squadron
  • 230 (Edinburgh) Transport Squadron
  • 251 (Ayrshire) Transport Squadron

Each of the squadrons is equipped with heavy lift vehicles which can carry 15 tons of equipment cross country. The capacity can be doubled by adding a trailer. In addition to heavy lift vehicles, the Squadrons are also equipped with the rough terrain fork lift truck, fuel tankers, Landrovers, Field Catering Equipment and modern weapon systems.

Our soldiers are highly trained and skilled in a wide variety of trades, including: Drivers, Communication Specialists, Chefs, Military Clerks and Combat Medical Technicians.

Each squadron also has a Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (REME) workshop section who provide the trained Vehicle Mechanics, Electricians, Metal Smiths and Recovery Mechanics with skills and expertise in the repair and recovery all of all the Squadron's equipment.

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