The Royal Corps of Signals

Joint Service Signals Unit (Volunteers)


Providing specialist communications, cryptographic and linguistic support and advice to the British Armed Forces.

Joint Service Signals Unit (Volunteers) (JSSU(V)) is the United Kingdom’s Tri-Service Cyber and Electro-magnetic Warfare Reserve unit.  We are looking for highly skilled and technically able individuals for employment in the world Electronic, Magnetic Warfare. If you have specific radio communications or IT skills and want to see what you can really do with them, then why not give us a call?

We are a Specialist National Reserve Unit commanded by UKSTRATCOM and Defence Intelligence, with our Headquarters in Lincolnshire and a presence at various strategic sites throughout the UK. We are a team of highly driven and technically skilled individuals, supporting real time Global Strategic operations.

Amazing Opportunities.

  • Working at the leading edge of the technical envelope.
  • Supporting real-time Strategic operations.
  • Working with Coalition partners.
  • Working with partners across Government.
  • Travelling to overseas strategic sites.
  • Gaining transferable technical skills.
  • The opportunity to challenge yourself by undertaking adventurous training.

Entry Requirements

We are looking for people that are either:

  • Former Regular Royal Signals Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence Operators, or those about to leave Regular service.
  • Non-serving individuals with a BSc in computing, and/or industry standard cyber qualifications, and/or other equivalent industry standard skills which could be accredited .
  • Individuals with complementary and/or support skills who are capable of securing Developed Vetting and meeting other national security standards.

Commitment, Pay & Benefits

We are a national unit therefore you will need to complete a minimum of 19 Reserve Service Days per year.  However, there may be opportunities for more depending on your circumstance. (Most of our people average 30 days a year.)

You’ll be paid on a daily rate commensurate with your rank and qualifications. This includes being paid for distance learning, fitness training and other training events. Plus, if you complete all of your annual training days, you’re entitled to a tax-free lump sum called a bounty.

The work gives me that ‘buzz’ I had during Regular service Capt Richie Canale

Capt Richie Canale

In civilian life I work as a bid and proposals manager within a small technically focussed company. I joined JSSU(V) two years after my Regular Service was completed.

I realised that what I did in my civilian role, combined with my previous Regular service, was ideally suited for this Unit. I manage a small team of highly skilled operators who produce some amazing results in support of the UK strategic operations.

The work gives me that ‘buzz’ I had during Regular service, but without the constraints of such a life. My employer loves the fact that I am ‘still serving’. In fact, they actively encourage this; it makes them feel that they are contributing vicariously, and they have gained a Silver Award for the Employer Recognition Scheme in support of the military covenant.

My employer is very supportive of my involvement with the reserves Cpl Oli Camm

Cpl Oli Camm

I first joined the Army Reserves within my local Royal Signals unit, where I was a Communications Systems Operator. I was mobilised and deployed overseas on Op HERRICK 19 where I utilised my civilian skills as a telecommunications engineer.

After returning from an enjoyable tour I heard about JSSU(V), which would again allow me to expand on my civilian skills within an operational setting. Since joining, I have enjoyed being part of a unit where all Services, trades and ranks work together and are keen to take advantage of the skills you have, encourage you to expand on them and to learn new ones.

I have now re-traded to Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence Operator (Reserve), a trade not available in other Royal Signals Reserves units. My employer is very supportive of my involvement with the reserves, especially as the training and skills I have acquired are more transferable. I even receive paid leave that allows me to participate in extra training and annual camps, which has been brilliant.

Throughout my time in the unit I have acquired a range of new skills, participated in overseas exercises and regularly support ongoing military operations. I am proud to serve within such an exciting and diverse unit. 


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