Royal Corps of Signals

14 Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare)


As the Army’s only Regiment providing Electronic Warfare (EW) capability, 14 Signal Regiment’s mission is to achieve superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum and deliver intelligence to the Army's Land Forces.

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Electronic Warfare

223 Signal Squadron

223 Signal Squadron proved Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence (EWSI) capability for 3rd (UK) Div, its subordinate Brigades and the other field squadrons. 

It additionally provides the Signals Analysis and Reporting Cell; the analytical hub for all EWSI sensors from 14 Signal Regiment (EW), and has a Troop located at RAF Digby.  They are regularly deployed to Australia, Gibraltar and the USA.

226 Signal Squadron

226 Signal Squadron provides airborne and light manoeuvre EW forces.  Members of this squadron are fit, versatile and are held at very high readiness to deploy anywhere in the world.  Primarily operating on foot but with vehicle mounted elements in Jackals.

The Squadron’s personnel are encouraged to complete P Company and gain their Parachutist Wings.

237 Signal Squadron

237 Signal Squadron provides armoured manoeuvre EW forces specifically aligned to 12th and 20th Armoured Brigades. Operating from the Bulldog 43 series Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV), 237 Squadron’s specialised EW equipment can be used to find enemy transmissions. 

245 Signal Squadron

245 Signal Squadron supports the emerging STRIKE Brigade with highly manoeuvrable EW capabilities. The Squadron primarily utilise lighter wheeled platforms such as Land Rovers in order to support Mechanised and Light Infantry forces.

The Squadron also have a developing Tactical Cyber capability aimed at bringing Cyber Warfare effects to the front line of the battle.


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