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The Royal Corps of Signals

13 Signal Regiment


13 Signal Regiment - The Army’s Cyber Regiment

As the Army’s newest and sole Cyber Unit, 13 Signal Regiment’s role is to protect the Army’s data and systems from adversary Cyber threats, both at home and overseas.

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June 2020



Command Support



Defensive Cyber Operations

224 (Cyber Protection Teams) Signal Squadron

224 (Cyber Protection Teams) Signal Squadron are the Army’s deployable Defensive Cyber Operations specialists. The Squadron contains Cyber Protection Teams, made up of Cyber Engineers, Cyber Threat Analysts and their specialist equipment.

Cyber Protection Teams deploy on operations and exercises around the world to protect networks from real-life cyber threats. They use a variety of tools and their own specialist technical knowledge to Monitor and Harden friendly networks, whilst Hunting for and Understanding adversary activity on these networks.

233 (Global Communications Network) Signal Squadron

The home of the Army Cyber Information Security Operating Centre (ACyISOC), 233 Signal Squadron provides 24/7 support to the Army’s principal Wide Area Networks and data communications systems. Its people are subject matter experts in their fields and provide global support for Army communications.

The ACyISOC, provides dedicated cyber defence to the Army’s critical data networks

259 Signal Squadron

259 (Global Information Systems) Signal Squadron provide defence wide, expert support to tactical communications systems and how they seamlessly share information with other systems, both within our own networks and multi-nationally. The squadrons technical expertise also supports Operational CIS on both exercises and operational deployments.

Bringing together soldiers, sailors and airman from across 17 different cap-badges, the squadrons work is vital in preparing units to use these systems and integrating them with those of our multinational partners.

Technology on the battlefield does not stand still and this is where the CIS Trials Development Unit (TDU) comes in. Their work is conducted in close partnership with Industry to test and evaluate the latest cutting edge communication systems for use across Defence.


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