The Royal Corps of Signals

11 (RSS) Signal Regiment


11 (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment

11 (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment is the training unit for all Royal Signals soldiers and officers.  Signals personnel will also return periodically for specialised training throughout their career.


“To train and develop individuals in trade and military skills, leadership and ethos in order that they are effective Royal Signals soldiers and commanders for operations”

‘Survive and Operate’


The modern, continually reviewed syllabus ensures that service personnel are technically, morally and physically prepared for operations in a changing world.

The Regiment prides itself on its high level of sporting achievement.  It is here that those newly entering the Corps can be nurtured and talent identified.

The Garrison’s excellent sporting facilities enable this, if it can be played, it can be played in the Royal Corps of Signals.


The 11 (Royal School of Signals) Regiment can trace its history back to the 1st Training Battalion formed in 1919 from the depot companies of the Signal Service Training Centre,  Royal Engineers at Maresfield, and the 2nd Training Battalion, formed at Crowborough in Sussex in 1920.  In 1925, the unit was divided into a Training Battalion and a Depot Battalion, both of which moved to Catterick, North Yorkshire.

The move from Catterick to Blandford Forum was completed on 31 March 1993.     


The Royal School of Signals is located in Blandford Forum, Dorset. 

This is regarded as the home of the Royal Corps of Signals and contains the Corps Headquarters and Museum.   


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