Initial Trade Training



The British Army's school of music is located at Kneller Hall, Twickenham and is recognised as the home of Army music since its foundation in 1857.


Training our musicians

The Initial Trade Training musicians course (Rendle VC Troop) provides training for all soldiers joining the Royal Corps of Army Music and is undertaken after completion of their Initial Training.

The length of the training varies according to the standard of musicianship on entry, running from 11 to 44 working weeks. It is designed to allow musicians to fulfil their potential by passing mandatory tests at the earliest possibility, before assignment to a band.


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Tuition for Rendle VC Troop is delivered by some of Britain's leading instrumental and academic professors, many of whom play in leading symphony orchestras or teach in the London music colleges. Through this tuition RMSM provides string contemporary links with the world of civilian professional music.

Military training and supervision is provided by the best instructors and staff from within the Royal Corps of Army Music and the wider Army.


Music Direction Course

Supplementary Trade Training courses are for trained musicians within the bands, to assist in the progress and development of their careers. This includes the Army Leadership and Development Programme and the British Army Bandmaster Course.


Kneller Hall Concerts in the Park 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and government recommendations, the planned Kneller Hall concerts have unfortunately been postponed until further notice. Please be assured that the Royal Corps of Army Music is committed to rescheduling these events at some point in the future.
Further information to follow in due course.