Royal Artillery

5 Regiment Royal Artillery

Surveillance and Target Acquisition

The Army's Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) regiment, and a singleton regiment - the only unit which provides the capabilities we have. We have a constant commitment to deploy one sub-unit every six months as the Theatre STA Battery. On operations, the Theatre STA Battery acts as the eyes of the troops on the ground.

Our Regiment

Facts & Figures



25 November 1939



Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition



Counter Fires

Our Skills

We hold a unique capability not only within the Royal Artillery but across the Field Army.  We are the only Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment, meaning our skill set is a sought after battle winning asset.

Providing a counter fires capability through our radar and sound ranging platforms, we are able to locate and facilitate the prosecution of enemy targets.

Our Location


Based in Marne Barracks in Catterick, the Regiment prides itself on its title as The Yorkshire Gunners.

We will move in 2021.

Our History

  1. 1939-1940

    Formation of the 5th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery at Wooten-under-Edge Gloucester.

    Formed part of the British Expeditionary Force in France.

  2. 1942-44

    Joined the 7th Armoured Division.

    Returned to the U.K. to prepare for the invasion of Europe, fighting in the North-West Europe Campaign until the end of the War.

  3. 1958-63

    The Regiment re-organised and became known as 5th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

    Converted to 105mm Pack Howitzer

  4. 1972-1993

    Moved to Hildesheim, Germany, equipped with M107 SP 175mm Gun.

    Converted to M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System 

  5. 2003

    Supported the invasion of Iraq

  6. 2009

    Re-organised and become a  Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment, equipped with radar systems.