Royal Artillery

47 Regiment Royal Artillery

The Army's Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (TUAS) Regiment

47th Regiment Royal Artillery is the Army’s only Regiment able to fly the Watchkeeper TUAS to find information at long ranges.

Our Regiment

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Our Role

The only Regiment in the British Army to operate Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems, 47 Regiment flies the Watchkeeper UAS to gather information and  find the enemy to provide intelligence for commanders across the British Army. 

Using Synthetic Aperture Radar and Full Motion Video, soldiers from 47 Regiment find enemy locations beyond front lines to allow commanders to make decisions. 

Our People

Soldiers in 47 Regiment are innovative, adaptable and work in a highly skilled aviation environment. They can be trained and employed in a number of roles: 

Watchkeeper Pilot – Our pilots operate in closely knit crews to fly missions in support of the Combat Arms. 

Launch and Recovery – Launch and Recovery detachments prepare, launch and recover the airframe from a range of runway types. 

Communications – In a complex environment our signallers are trained to communicate on a variety of systems to pass information. 

Logistics – to sustain deployed forces, our soldiers are trained to manage and deliver equipment to where it needs to be.

Our History

Elements of 47th Regiment Royal Artillery have existed since 1755. Batteries in the Regiment have been employed as coastal defence Gunners, with the 105mm Light Gun, as Air Defence and with the Desert Hawk 3 Mini Unmanned Aerial System. 

The Regiment’s previous deployments include Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iraq and most recently Afghanistan, where Watchkeeper was flown during Operation HERRICK.

The 4 current Batteries are: 

•10 (Assaye) Battery
•43 Battery (Lloyd's Company)
•74 Battery (The Battle Axe Company)
•31 (Headquarters) Battery

Our Location

  • 47th Regiment

    Horne Barracks, Larkhill