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32nd Regiment Royal Artillery

32 Regt RA remain at the heart of the Field Army’s drive to develop UAS now and into the future.

Our Regiment

Facts & Figures



1927 designated as 32nd medium Regiment RA in 1947







Our Skills

As the British Army’s only regiment equipped with Mini Unmanned Aircraft Systems, we specialise in finding the enemy working directly alongside the infantry and armoured corps. Our trades include: 

  • Drone operators and pilots
  • Parachutists
  • Armoured vehicle drivers and commanders
  • Communications
  • Logistics

Current Deployment

32nd Regiment Royal Artillery deploys all over the world.

On-going commitments include:

  • Deploying as part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia and Poland
  • Supporting exercises in Kenya, Canada and elsewhere
  • Annual exercises in California

Past deployments:

  • Iraq – Operation TELIC
  • Afghanistan – Operation HERRICK
  • United Kingdom – Resilience Operations

Our History

32nd Regiment Royal Artillery has 5 Equipment Batteries, most having a continuous history back to the 18th century.  Between them the Batteries have contributed to every major conflict the British Army has been involved in in the last 200 years. 

  • 18 (Quebec 1759) Battery are a light protective mobility Battery operating from the 6x wheel Coyote HMTV vehicle. The main role of the Battery is to fly S2 RPAS (Puma/Wasp) in support of Brigade’s deploying all over the world. The Battery are also equipped with S1 quadcopters to be used for close and reactive missions.

  • 21 (Gibraltar 1779 – 1783) Air Assault Battery is the Air Assault Battery currently supporting 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team (16 AABCT), the Army Special Operations Brigade (ASOB) and 3 Cdo Brigade. The Battery operates S2 RPAS including AeroVironment’s PUMA 3 and WASP platforms, as well as various smaller S1 RPAS including Parrot USA and Skydio. The Battery maintains Very High Readiness RPAS Detachments, who remain ready to deploy with 16 AABCT at short notice around the world.
  • 22 Gibraltar (1779-1783) Battery is the senior Battery in 32 Regiment Royal Artillery, and the lead armoured Battery operating from the Bulldog AFV 432; a small, armoured tracked vehicle. The role of the Battery is to support 12 Armoured Brigade Combat Team and their Battle Groups, using S2 Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) as well as smaller S1 RPAS to provide units with an “eyes in the deep” capability.

  • 42 (Alem Hamza) Battery are an armoured Battery, operating from Bulldog FV432. The main role of the Battery is to fly Miniature Remotely Piloted Air Systems in support of the 3rd (United Kingdom) Division, providing direct support to the Division’s Armoured Brigade Combat Teams. The Battery is also equipped quadcopters to be used for close and reactive missions.

  • 46 (Talavera) Battery Headquarter Battery Royal Artillery has a long history dating back to 1774, where it was raised as a Gun Battery.  Today, as a Headquarter Battery, it provides all the central command, stores, support, and administration functions to 32nd Regiment Royal Artillery (The Wessex Gunners).


20231101 UAS O

Lance Bombardier Jay Bradshaw

 "It’s a really exciting time to be in 32nd Regiment Royal Artillery. We’ve got Batteries deployed in places such as Canada, Kenya, Estonia and Poland. Soldiers in all trades have the ability to gain experience by deploying overseas. Despite the high tempo, members of the Regiment have still maintained high standards across all sports in which we compete, with a number of individuals competing at Army level. Due to the nature of our job we work in small teams, which allows the junior commanders, like myself, to have more responsibility and ownership of their workload."

20231101 UAS 7 O

Lieutenant Ben Magenheimer

 “As a Troop Commander I lead 20 intelligent soldiers who are experts in operating drones. I often have to brief officers much senior to my rank on sighting reports and present my recommendations. In addition to this, there are plenty of opportunities to play sports and get away on Adventurous Training activities such as Skiing or Sailing.”

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