Royal Artillery

3 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

Equipped with 105mm Light Gun

Equipped with the 105mm Light Gun, 3rd Regiment RHA provide agile and rapidly deployable firepower to the British Army.

The Light Gun can be towed by a medium-weight vehicle or carried around the battlefield underslung by a Puma or Chinook helicopter.
The guns are able to fire high explosive, smoke and illuminating ammunition.

Additionally, our fire support teams (FSTs) are able to call-on and coordinate firepower from across the spectrum of military capabilities; from artillery to missiles and attack aircraft.

3 RHA are set to re-role in 2023 to the Multiple Launch Rocket System

Our Regiment

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Our Skills

As one of the British Army’s providers of heavy firepower, we specialise in striking the enemy in direct support of the infantry and armoured corps. Our roles include:
•Fire Support Teams
•Gun Detachments
•Artillery Command Systems
•Communications & Signals
•Joint Terminal Attack Controllers

Current Deployment

3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery deploys all over the world.

On-going commitments include:

• Op CABRIT, Estonia
• Short Term Training Teams (STTTs) to the Middle-East and Africa.
• Various support roles on operations such as Op SHADER (Iraq and Syria).
• United Kingdom – Resilience Operations.
• Supporting exercises in Kenya, Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Recent Past deployments:

• Iraq – Operation TELIC.
• Afghanistan – Operation HERRICK
• Cyprus – Operation TOSCA.

Our Location

Situated in the Northumberland countryside, Albemarle Barracks is the home of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. It is approximately 11 miles from Newcastle city centre.

The Regiment is known as The Liverpool and Manchester Gunners, yet has strong links to the Northeast, Scotland and various counties around the UK.

Our People

Gunner Daniel Burns 

"I’ve spent 8 years in the Regiment and have deployed to places such as Canada, Kenya and Germany. Despite the Regiment’s busy forecast of events, members of the Regiment have still maintained fantastic commitment to all sports and adventure training, with a number of individuals competing at Army level, and the Regiment constantly offering fantastic expeditions in the UK and abroad. I work on the Gun Line as a Loader; this is a role that requires high professionalism and slick drills. 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery are highly competent at providing Close Support Artillery, and it starts with competence at my level”. 

Lieutenant Karl Mackenzie RHA 

“As a Troop Commander, I lead 25 soldiers who are experts in operating the L118 Light Gun. In camp, I manage the soldier’s welfare, and equipment & vehicle care. In the field, I am a Command Post Officer (CPO), working in a small detachment to command artillery fire as per the intentions of Fire Support Teams (FSTs). In addition to my job, there are plenty of opportunities to play sports and get away on Adventurous Training activities such as Skiing or Sailing.”

Our Heritage

3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery has 5 batteries, most having a continuous history back to the 18th century. Between them, the batteries have contributed to every major conflict the British Army has been involved with in the last 200 years.  The batteries are:
C Battery RHA
D Battery RHA
J (Sidi Rezegh) Battery RHA
L (Néry) Battery RHA
N (The Eagle Troop) Battery RHA
M (HQ) Battery RHA
C and D Batteries are equipment batteries, whilst J,N and L batteries are Tac batteries. M (HQ) is the headquarters Battery.


  1. 1793-1811

    C Battery RHA formed 1793.

    D Battery RHA formed 1794.

    J (Sidi Rezegh) Battery RHA formed 1805.

    N (The Eagle Troop) Battery RHA formed 1811.

    M(HQ) Battery RHA formed 1809.

  2. 1938

    3rd Regiment RHA constituted out of existing Batteries

  3. 1939-1945

    The Regiment fought in several campaigns, including in North Africa, Italy & Normandy, marching into Berlin at the end of WWII

  4. 1956-1975

    C Battery joined the Regiment, and M(HQ) Battery was placed in suspended animation

  5. 1971-1999

    Tours of Northern Ireland as part of Operation BANNER

    UNPROFOR (Bosnia)

  6. 2003-14

    The Regiment deployed on

    Op TELIC (Iraq) and Op Herrick (Afghanistan). It then re-equipped to L118 Light Gun from AS90


Our Location

  • 3rd Regiment RHA

    Albemarle Barrack, Nr Harlow Hill, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE15 0RF Telephone - 01912 393330 Email - [email protected]