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19 Regiment Royal Artillery

Who we are

We recruit soldiers from across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, but we are all proud of our Regiment's Scottish heritage. We wear the modern Hunting Robertson tartan. Our qualified Pipe Band drawn from soldiers across the Regiment is a living connection to our Scottish heritage.

Our Regiment

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What we do

Our Regiment specialise in fixing the enemy in one place with firepower so they can be attacked and defeated by the armoured infantry and heavy tank units we support. 

The firepower we use not only comes from our own artillery guns, but we also call in firepower from Apache attack helicopters and fighter jets. 

To do this we need a vast array of exciting roles filled by great people who live and work together as a close-knit team.

The Regiment is equipped with two core armoured vehicles.

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Forward Observers mounted in the Warrior Observation Post Vehicle Armament: Hughs 7.62 mm Chain Gun Weight: 25.4 tonnes Speed: 50 mph (80 kph) Crew size: 5
Firepower provided by the AS90 Self-Propelled Gun Calibre: 155 mm Weight: 44.5 tonnes Speed: 32 mph (52 kph) Crew size: 10

We are based in Larkhill, (the home of the Royal Artillery) in Wiltshire, close to good transport routes to anywhere in the country.

Our History

The Regiment traces its history to 17 Brigade Royal Field Artillery formed in 1900, but the individual batterys date back to the 18th century.

  1. 1918-1940s

    The Regiment (then 17 Brigade) saw action in both World Wars.
    In May 1940, it fired the first rounds of World War 2.  It later fought in the North Africa and Italian campaigns.

  2. 1947

    Re-numbered to 19th Regiment Royal Artillery in 1947.

  3. 1950s/60s

    During the 1950s and 60s it saw action in the Korean War and the Aden Emergency.

  4. 1970s

    In the 1970s the Regiment deployed to Northern Ireland several times in various non-Artillery roles.

  5. 1990s

    It deployed to Bosnia at short notice in 1995 as part of Operation Deliberate Force and in 1998 to Cyprus as part of UNFICYP.

  6. Today

    During the first decade of the 21st century, the Regiment saw action in both Iraq and Afghanistan, deploying to Afghanistan for the final time in 2012.  Today, the Regiment is deployed in Estonia as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in Eastern Europe

19 Regiment RA in Estonia

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