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16 Regiment Royal Artillery

Defence Capability

As the British Army’s only Regiment equipped with Short Range Air Defence capability, we specialise in protecting ground units from attack by enemy aircraft.

Our Regiment

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Our Skills

As the British Army’s only Regiment equipped with Short Range Air Defence capability, we specialise in protecting ground units from attack by enemy aircraft. 

Our unique skills include: 

  • HUNT – Our Radar Specialists operate some of the most sophisticated surveillance equipment in the Army, providing the Army’s only wide area visibility of air threat.
  • KILL – Our highly-trained Guided Weapons experts control the Rapier missile from launcher to air target, ensuring a kill first time, every time.
  • NETWORK – Our Communications Specialists operate advanced Tactical Data Links, managing complex computer networks and ensuring robust digital communications.
  • SUSTAIN – Our Logisticians enable everything that we do.  From managing the resupply of £20k missiles to coordinating the delivery of vital supplies, they are a vital part of our Team.

Our People

Lance Bombardier Lloyd

“ I joined 49 (Inkerman) Battery in December 2017 and have not looked back. I am employed as a Control Node Second-in-Command and since joining the Battery I have deployed twice on Ex JOINT WARRIOR, Ex TOBRUK LEGACY in Hungary and Ex INVICTA SHOT in support of 11 (Sphinx) Battery. I am also the Battery Physical Training Instructor (PTI) and a keen orienteerer, having won the Royal Artillery championships two years in a row. I find working at 16th Regiment Royal Artillery very rewarding and really enjoy working alongside like-minded and hardworking individuals”.

Lieutenant Matt Bush

“I have had a tremendously fulfilling start to my career. It has been action-packed and rewarding in terms of the variety of pursuits and deployments. This shows the flexibility and dynamism 16th Regiment Royal Artillery can offer to a newly Commissioned Officer. As a Troop Commander, I lead a troop of highly skilled soldiers working on the Rapier FSC missile system. I have deployed on various exercises, completed a testing Nordic Ski season and Adventurous Training. I am imminently deploying to Estonia as a Brigade Air Defence Liaison Officer”.

Our Equipment

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LEAPP - World-leading G-AMB surveillance technology that provides a picture of the airspace, including all friendly and hostile aircraft When used by our specially-trained RAF and Royal Artillery operators, it allows the detection, identification and prioritisation of all air threats over a huge area Surveillance Range out to 120 km
RAPIER - Our current missile system. Operators are trained to launch and manually guide the missile to the target It offers 24/7 Air Defence coverage, can identify its own air targets with radar, track them with Thermal Imagery and kill them with its eight missiles Engagement Range out to 8 km
SKY SABRE - Sky Sabre is being introduced in 2020 Sky Sabre consists of three elements: the Launcher, the Radar and a system that fuses the launcher and sensor together, called BMC4I Sky Sabre offers a huge development in Air Defence capability, offering unbeatable protection for our troops Engagement Range out to 25 km

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