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14 Regiment Royal Artillery

Training Excellence

14th Regiment Royal Artillery provides a foundation of excellence; preparing new Gunners for their initial regimental employment and supporting the training and development of the wider Royal Regiment.

Our Regiment

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MARCH 1900



The Training Regiment of the Royal Artillery




Our History

14th  Regiment Royal Artillery has history through 28th Field Regiment right back to 1900. The four sub units are;

•34 (SERINGAPATAM) Battery formed in 1763 as part of the Bengal Foot Artillery of the Honourable East India Company. It joined the Regiment in 1986. 

•1st HQ Battery “THE BLAZERS” formed in 1779 and has been with the Regiment since 1922. It has conducted various roles since its formation with its most recent change being under Project STERLING where it changed from a weapons troop to providing the Headquarters function for the Regiment.

•24 (IRISH) Battery joined the Regiment in 1994 but its history is from the original Irish Artillery Battery from 1894.

•14 Regt REME Workshops has been present in Larkhill for nearly 45 years and provided essential support to the Royal School of Artillery throughout that time.

Our Skills

As the training Regiment for the Royal Artillery we take the best soldiers from throughout the Royal Regiment to provide excellence in two key areas;


• Initial Trade Training – we supply the Field Army with professionally trained individuals ready to deploy from the moment they leave training.

• Subsequent Trade Training– our firing troops deliver expert firing from both AS90 and L118 Lt Gun through the use of highly skilled Gun Detachments, Fire support teams and Command Posts.

Current Deployment

14th Regiment Royal Artillery is based in Larkhill on Salisbury Plain.

34 (SERINGAPATAM) Battery deploys for over 200 days a year, firing approximately 19,000 rounds of artillery ammunition from the 105mm L118 Light Gun and 155mm AS90 Artillery platforms.

24 (IRISH) Battery  is the Royal Artillery Initial Trade Training Battery. Some of the training includes;

•L118 Light Gun
•Equestrian acquaint course 
•Functional Skills
•Mental Resilience Training
•Driving qualifications
•Basic Dismounted Close Combat  

Our History

  1. 1900

    Formation of 28 Field Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

  2. 1900-1945

    Action in most major battles on the Western front in WWI and as part of the East Africa campaign in WWII.

  3. 1941

    Battle of Keren in which the  Regiment was heavily involved with its 25 pounder guns.

  4. 1947

    Re titled 14th Field Regiment Royal Artillery

  5. 1945-1971

    Regiment posted to India. Hong Knog, Korea, Aden and Northern Ireland.

    14th Field Regiment Royal Artillery disbanded.

  6. 1984

    14th Regiment Royal Artillery reformed as the Training Support Regiment of Royal School of Artillery.

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