Royal Artillery

106 (Yeomanry) Regiment

Close Support Air Defence

106th Regiment Royal Artillery are the British Army’s only reserve anti air warfare regiment. We operate the lethal high velocity missile, Starstreak. We specialise in delivering vital close support air defence to the UK’s manoeuvre forces, providing protection to critical assets from a range of airborne threats. We are the only reservist regiment to provide this capability. We work closely with our regular counterparts from 12 Regiment and 16 Regiment, who are all part of 7 Air Defence Group.


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Our Regiment

Facts & Figures



April 1999



Anti Air Warfare



Close Support Air Defence

Our Skills

We specialise in delivering vital close support air defence.

Anti air warfare:

•Guided Missile Operator
•Command Post Signaller
•Driver (including HGV)
•Medical Technician
•Physical Training Instructor


Reservists serving with 106th (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery have deployed on operations and exercises all over the world.

Some of the Countries our reserves have deployed to are:

•Falkland Islands

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Our Location

106th Regiment Royal Artillery has three principle locations in SE London, Southampton and Portsmouth

  • Regimental Headquarters and 265 (Home Counties) Battery, Grove Park, London.
  • 295 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Battery, Hilsea,Portsmouth.
  • 457 (Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry) Battery, Blighmont, Southampton.

Our History

  1. 1798

    The Regimental Title can be traced back to the Lancashire Hussars formed in 1798.

  2. 1880-1881 and 1899-1902

    The Regiment saw service in both Boer Wars as the Lancashire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry.

  3. 1914-18

    Intended as a Homeland Defence Force at the outbreak of WW1, many soldiers joined the Imperial Service to see action.

  4. 1920 and 1938

    Re-designated Royal Artillery in 1920 and re-titled 106 (Lancashire Yeomanry) Field Regiment in 1938.

  5. 1939-1945

    During WW2 the Regiment saw service with Anti-tank and Anti-Aircraft platforms in North Africa, Greece and Crete.

  6. 1999

    Regimental Title re-instated in April 1999 as 106 (Yeomanry) Regiment RA.

Our Locations

  • Regimental HQ and 265 Battery

    Napier House, Grove Park, London, SE12 0BH

  • 295 Battery

    Army Reserve Centre, Peronne Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO3 5LE

  • 457 Battery

    Millbrook Army Reserve Centre, Millbrook Road West, Southampton, SO15 0AJ


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