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1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

We provide Armoured Artillery Support

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery is an armoured artillery regiment. Its primary role is to provide combat support to heavy armour formations.

Equipped with the AS90 self-propelled gun, 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery is capable of delivering indirect fire support at ranges of up to 24.7 kilometres. 

Although a young Regiment formed in only 1938, its sub-units date back to 1793 and have deployed in all major conflicts since the Anglo-French War. 

In our current role, providing armoured artillery support to the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, our soldiers are serving all over the globe.


Our Regiment

Facts & Figures

Active From:

11 May 1938



Reactive Force




Our Skills

1 RHA is an armoured artillery regiment equipped with the AS90 self-propelled gun.  We provide indirect fire support at distances up to 24.7 kilometres.  In this role we offer a diverse range of skills, including:

  • Artillery fire support – accurately firing 55 kilogram shells at range.
  • Target observation – observing and identify targets for artillery to strike.
  • Forward Air Control – directing combat aircraft to employ their weapons in support of ground troops.
  • Communications – utilising high tech communications equipment to pass voice messages and digital data
  • Logistics – moving manpower and equipment to critical points on the battlefield.


Current Deployment

“Everywhere” is the motto of the Royal Artillery and 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery lives up to this.

The Regiment regularly supports NATO Operations in:

  • Estonia

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery frequently deploys on training in:

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Belize
  • Austria

2015 - Today

The Regiment supports NATO missions in the Baltic regions with deployments on Op CABRIT in
ESTONIA. In the UK, the Regiment has conducted MACA (Military Aid to Civilian Authorities) taskings
in response to COVID-19, Afghan refugee resettlement and key services' strike action.

Our Location

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery has access to all the best South Wiltshire has on offer since moving to Larkhill. 

This includes the picturesque Cathedral City of Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Salisbury Plain Training Area; the largest military training ground in the UK.  

The Regiment’s prime position puts it within two hours of London and in easy reach of the South Coast and West Country.

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

We are located at
Purvis Lines
Royal Artillery Barracks