The King’s Royal Hussars

Proud history, proud traditions

The King’s Royal Hussars is an armoured regiment with an illustrious history and great cavalry traditions. Equipped with the Challenger 2 main battle tank and the Scimitar reconnaissance vehicle, this regiment is truly a force to be reckoned with.




4 December 1992






Challenger 2

our skills

The King’s Royal Hussars is an armoured cavalry regiment. As such its job is to mount aggressive mobile action against enemy targets using a formidable arsenal of armoured vehicles, including the Challenger 2 tank.

  • Close combat
  • Shock action
  • Destruction of enemy armour
  • Surveillance
  • Target acquisition
  • Reconnaissance
  • Training foreign militaries
  • Conducting patrols

Operation Cabrit

The King’s Royal Hussars is playing a key role in NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in Europe.

Past Deployment: 

  • Operation Herrick (Afghanistan) 
  • Operation Telic (Iraq)

Our People

Soldiers in The King’s Royal Hussars are physically fit, mentally tough, and highly motivated. They’re also experts in operating a range of armoured vehicles, including the Challenger 2 main battle tank and the Mastiff armoured patrol vehicle.

171007-Columbus_KRH WO2 Oldfield_Section 2-3_Photo_Image1.jpg
Warrant Officer Oldfield - D Squadron Sergeant Major
171007-Columbus_KRH Cpl Lemott_Section 2-3_Photo_Image2.jpg
Corporal Lemott - B Squadron Operator
171007-Columbus_KRH Tpr Caldwell_Section 2-3_Photo_Image3.jpg
Trooper Caldwell - B Squadron Driver

Aliwal Barracks

Aliwal Barracks

The King’s Royal Hussars is based in Tidworth, Wiltshire, on the edge of Salisbury Plain.

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The King’s Royal Hussars

The King's Royal Hussars

The life is demanding, but hugely rewarding Des, 29

Our Role

The primary role of The King’s Royal Hussars is to seek out and destroy the enemy through shock action: the sudden and overwhelming application of violence.

The presence of its soldiers in their intimidating Challenger 2 tanks also provides a psychological and physical edge to fellow British Army troops in close combat operations.

The King’s Royal Hussars also have their own reconnaissance troops, who use the Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicle to scout ahead of their comrades, seeking out enemy troops for destruction.

Past to Present

Although The King’s Royal Hussars was established in 1992, the regiment’s origins stretch back several centuries. The four original cavalry regiments that make up the modern King’s Royal Hussars all have long and distinguished histories of service, and each has its own unique customs and traditions.

  1. 1715

    The 10th, 11th and 14th Hussars are raised and serve in the two Jacobite Rebellions.

  2. 1854

    The 11th Hussars takes part in the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimea.

  3. 1945

    The 14th/20th King’s Hussars and the 2nd/6th Gurkha Rifles take Medicina, Italy, during WW2.

  4. 1992

    The Royal Hussars and the 14th/20th King’s Hussars unite to form The King’s Royal Hussars.

  5. 2005-07

    The regiment is deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Telic 6 and Operation Telic 10.

  6. 2012

    Operation Herrick sees the regiment deployed to Afghanistan in a variety of roles.


  • Aliwal Barracks

    Tidworth Garrison, Kirkee Rd, Tidworth, SP9 7BB 01980 650816

Battlegroup training

Explore our equipment

Challenger 2 Tank

It has been used by the British Army on operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq, and has never experienced a loss at the hands of the enemy.

Combat vehicles


Agile The Scimitar armoured fighting vehicle's exceptionally low ground pressure and small size make it useful where the terrain is hostile and movement is difficult

Reconnaissance vehicles


388 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles currently in active service

Combat vehicles


90 kph Mastiff is a heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive patrol vehicle with a top speed of 90 kph.

Protected patrol vehicles

Bulldog & FV430 series

409 Bulldog & FV430 series currently in active service

Combat vehicles




King's Royal Hussars

Aliwal Barracks
Tidworth Garrison,
Kirkee Rd,