Intelligence Corps

7 Military Intelligence

Across the South West and Wales

7 Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion is an Army Reserve unit based in the South and has 4 MI companies. 71 MI Company is based in Bristol and Exeter. 72 MI Company is in Southampton, 73 MI Company is in Hermitage and 74 MI Company is in Newport, Wales.


The Battalion is highly operationally focused. When deployed they are completely integrated with and work alongside their regular army Intelligence Corps counterparts. 

The current focus is to provide Multi-Functional Military Intelligence support to 3rd (UK) Division and subordinate brigades, and imagery analysis support to the Watchkeeper Force whilst continuing to deploy soldiers alongside their regular counterparts in support of current operations. 

The training emphasis is on building core Operational Intelligence (OPINT) skills and an understanding of actual and potential theatres of operation. Analysts need to be able to draw information from a wide variety of sources, ranging from open source material from the news media to highly classified information.