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5 Military Intelligence Battalion (5 MI Bn) is one of four Intelligence Corps Army Reserve battalions in the British Army. We provide military intelligence support to the British Army and UK government, in the UK and overseas. We operate from locations in Scotland, the North East of England and Yorkshire. The Bn is actively recruiting in all regions, at all ranks.

5 MI Battalion

Our History

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Active from:


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Open Source Intelligence


We train our personnel to be effective soldiers, intelligence analysts, and leaders. Our people often deploy in small teams to remote locations to support UK interests. We integrate with personnel from other parts of the Army to provide understanding, training and capability to the UK and partner nations.

Deployments and exercises

Our personnel travel all over the world. Some of the countries our people have deployed to in the last few years are:

· Afghanistan          

· Bangladesh

· Canada     

· Gabon

· Germany                

· Jordan                    

· Kenya

· Tanzania

· United States

Our locations

5 MI Bn Headquarters is based in Edinburgh. Most of our personnel operate from our sub-units based in:

· Edinburgh

· Glasgow

· Gateshead

· Leeds

· Chesterfield


"I work in government as a Software Engineer, and decided to volunteer with 5 MI Bn after hearing about the diverse work they undertake on a week-by-week basis. I also saw opportunities to develop my leadership skills, which would help me in my civilian employment.

The best thing about working in 5 MI Bn is that every week is different. From developing my leadership skills one week to keeping on top of my analytical skills the next, the senior staff in the Bn use their experience to keep everything current, which keeps my interest high. Rank isn’t an issue when it comes to support either; everyone is willing to provide assistance.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the US Marine Corps, using the skills I’ve learned in 5 MI Bn and adapting to working in a different environment, making new friends and earning a Commanders’ Coin in the process." LCpl D, 2020

"Having spent two years working in the legal sector before moving into teaching History and Politics, I decided to join 5 MI Bn in 2018 to compliment my career as an educator as well as continue my public service by other means. During university, I had been attached to the Officer Training Corps so I had a good idea of what to expect from Reservist life. Upon joining, as a soldier first, and analyst second, my first priority was to complete an intensive soldier basic training course at the Army Training Unit in Pirbright where I benefited from the extensive experience and tuition of regular soldiers.

As an intelligence analyst-in-training, I have been involved in many live taskings with a specific focus on the Africa and Middle East regions. As a Politics graduate and native Arabic speaker, the work here is as interesting as it is varied. Battalion life is equally as engaging, from taking part in parades on Remembrance Day to 'black tie' dinner nights at Christmas. My future intentions are to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, having already passed my AOSB, and complete my Officer Military Intelligence course with a view of deploying on operations in the near future." Officer Cadet P, 2020

"I transferred to 5 MI in March 2020 from the Officer Training Corps. I wanted to learn more about the Intelligence Corps and get some experience under my belt before attending the May 2021 Regular Commissioning Course at Sandhurst and applying for MI Officer selection. However, it has been so much more than that.

Despite only managing to attend one physical training before the nationwide lockdown the remote sessions organised throughout the pandemic have been incredible. My day job as a veterinary surgeon, coupled with the weekly online MI training, has enabled me to mentally challenge myself in ways I never have before. Meanwhile, the Zoom circuit sessions have been physically testing! We did also manage, between lockdowns, to complete our MATTs (Military Annual Training Tests) and I got the opportunity to gain a qualification in DTTT (Defence Train the Trainer) as part of our annual training camp." Officer Cadet L, 2020

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5 Military Intelligence Battalion (5 MI Bn) is an Army Reserve unit, part of the Intelligence Corps and under the Operational Command of the 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade. 5 MI Bn has its headquarters in Edinburgh, with sub-units / detachments located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Leeds and Chesterfield.

The Battalion supports the Army in 2 main ways. Firstly we recruit and train Military Intelligence soldiers and officers so that they are ready to deploy on operations. Secondly, using advanced military IT systems at our bases, we have the capability to conduct real-time intelligence work during training nights and weekends. This work then feeds back into the wider Defence Intelligence community, to help inform our commanders and enable them to make decisions about complex threats.

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We’re an Army Intelligence Corps Reserve unit with locations in Scotland and Northern England. We believe that diversity, teamwork and understanding are powerful tools for solving complex problems.



We provide knowledge, understanding and awareness to the British Army and the government to protect the UK’s interests at home and overseas. We recruit and train personnel to be effective soldiers, analysts and leaders able to support the Regular Army both in the UK and on operational deployments overseas.



You don’t need a degree or any military experience to join us – but you do need to be a team player with a keen interest in current affairs and a drive to understand complex problems.

All training is provided, and continuous professional development is at the heart of what we do. We welcome applications from anyone: civilians, service leavers and transferees from other parts of the Army.

Got questions about how to join, or just want to know more? Get in touch – you’ll find our contact details at the bottom of this page.


What do we offer?

We help people reach their potential by building their skills, confidence and networks to help them succeed. If you join us then once you’ve passed our selection process, you will be paid to receive initial military training; then further training covering intelligence and analytical techniques. After that, you’ll be paid each time you attend an event or training activity.

You’ll receive opportunities to deploy on exercises and operations in the UK and overseas. You will also make friends for life and become part of an organisation with a proud tradition of putting people first to help them excel.

Being in the Intelligence Corps Reserve is about more than just work. 5 MI Bn personnel regularly take part in Intelligence Corps and Army sport, Adventurous Training and non-operational trips overseas such as Battlefield Studies.

Our History

  1. 1940

    Following the outbreak of the Second World War, the Intelligence Corps is established to professionalise military intelligence in the British Army on 19 July 1940

  2. 1963

    The UK Intelligence Unit (Territorial Army) is formed to support UK Home Defence and post-Second World War UK operations in Germany. This is later renamed the Territorial Army Intelligence & Security Group (Volunteers).

  3. 1999

    As part of Intelligence Corps modernisation, the Territorial Army Intelligence & Security Group (Volunteers) is renamed 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers).

  4. 2008

    5 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers) is established, responsible for Territorial Army Intelligence Corps personnel across the UK, excluding London.

  5. 2014

    5 Military Intelligence Battalion is established in Scotland and Northern England, with 6 and 7 Military Intelligence Battalions created to operate independently in the Midlands and Southern England respectively.

Find us

  • 5 Military Intelligence Battalion HQ

    Redford Cavalry Barracks, Edinburgh, EH13 0PP

  • 51 Military Intelligence Company

    124 McDonald Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4NQ

  • 51 Military Intelligence Company (Glasgow Detachment)

    21 Jardine Street, Glasgow, G20 6JU

  • 52 Military Intelligence Company

    Napier Armoury, Alexandra Road, Gateshead, NE8 4HX

  • 53 Military Intelligence Company (Leeds)

    Carlton Barracks, Carlton Gate, Leeds, LS7 1HE

  • 53 Military Intelligence Company (Chesterfield)

    Wallis Barracks, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield, S40 2NH

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