Armoured & Mechanised Infantry

1 & 2 YORKS

At the heart of the action

The Yorkshire Regiment recruits from across Yorkshire and Teesside, England and the Commonwealth.  We recruit our officers nationwide and many from further afield.  If you live in or have connections with the north, then The Yorkshire Regiment is your infantry regiment.

Our professional soldiers of 1 YORKS and 2 YORKS have a strong sense of pride based on stamina, courage and success.  They come with equipped with resolve and a steely determination to succeed and a sense of humour that sustains them when the going gets tough.

We look to our officers to provide the strong natural leadership that will make the most of their soldiers qualities and create unique bonds of trust that are essential in the rigours of today's battlefield.  They are made of stronger by shared experience in training on operations and on the sports field to achieve confidence and understanding between our officers and soldiers that is special even within the Army.

On Exercise

To be at the cutting edge of the Army, the Regiment must train hard in order to fight hard.

1 YORKS routinely undertake rigorous training exercises on Salisbury Plain and are periodically tested at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Canada. 2018 once again saw 1 YORKS become the lead armoured infantry battlegroup for the Army.

2 YORKS take part in a wide range of training exercises such as Exercise Wessex Storm, designed to prepare them for operations and occasionally UK contingency operations. 

Sporting Success

As the Best Sporting Regiment in the Army we provide the opportunity to play sport at all levels. Competitive team and individual sport is especially valued in The Yorkshire Regiment because it attracts men who enjoy and thrive in a team environment, whatever their sporting talents. From a kick about with your mates, to mountain biking; scuba diving, skiing, sailing and boxing, we offer it all.

Our reputation as #BestSportingRegiment is borne out by our successes on sportsfields at home and on tours overseas.

* Football

o Army Cup Champions 2010/11, 2016/17 and Finalists 2013/14 and 2015/16

o Infantry Cup Champions 2006/07, 2010/11, 2014/15 and 2016/17

o 2017/18 Army Cup Champions

* Rugby Union

o Army Cup Champions fifteen times including 2017/18

o Finalists or semi -finalists for the last 10 years

o 2017/18 Army Premiership Cup Champions

* Rugby League

o Army Cup Champions nine times in last ten years

o Army 9’s winners 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2015/16

Education and Skills

Yorkshire Regiment soldiers are at the forefront of technology and therefore need to keep their skills and education constantly topped up.


1 YORKS Armoured Infantry during Exercise Prairie Storm in Canada

Armoured Infantry

1 YORKS is an Armoured Infantry battalion equipped with the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle and are part of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, one of the British Army’s deployable, high-readiness brigades. Army Football and Rugby champions in 2018, the battalion is based at Warminster and commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Miller. The battalion has just completed an 8-month deployment in Estonia where they led a multi-national Battlegroup as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in the region. In summer 2020 the battalion is scheduled to make a welcome return to Catterick Garrison after a 12-year absence from Yorkshire.

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Light Mechanised Infantry

Experts in dismounted close combat, 2 YORKS have set the Army standard for Light-Mechanised Infantry and after deploying to Morocco in November 2018 and Afghanistan in 2019, the Battalion is preparing for a return to Cyprus in 2020.

Since returning from Op Toral, the 2nd Battalion, is based at Catterick in our ‘home’ county and has reset to meet the challenges of a year in the Light Mechanised role. Over the last few months, Burma Company deployed on exercise to Morocco and the Battalion made a return to Ex Wessex Storm in February/March 2019. Everything 2 YORKS has done since returning from Op TORAL is part of the preparation for this important commitment, which will see the unit as one of the most-ready within the British Army. 2019 will culminate with a return to Op Toral, this is a well-known path for the Battalion, which they will enjoy treading. 

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Life in The Yorkshire Regiment

Community Engagement

Community Engagement 2019


The Yorkshire Regiment has strong bonds with our home county of Yorkshire and the conurbation of Teesside. A busy November of WW1 centenary commemorations, included the Regiment proudly hosting the families of our WW1 VC winners in York.  In June 2019, we remembered D-Day 75 when three of our famous antecedent regiments were among the first ashore and CSM Stan Hollis of the Green Howards was awarded the only Victoria Cross on 6 June, a date that continues with us as today’s regimental formation day. 2019 will also see the Regiment focusing on the communities we recruit from, particularly in South Yorkshire, culminating in Sheffield Armed Forces Day on 22 June. As the only county regiment in the British Army, the connection and association we have with our ‘home’ region is our strength. From the Great Yorkshire Show to Bradford Dragon Boat racing and helping with community projects, we will continue to be active across the region, helping to maintain existing relationships as well as forging new ones.

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Speak to a member of the Yorkshire Regiment Support Team (YRST) about joining as a full-time. They can give you guidance and help before you start your online registration.


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